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Machine Rental Services foster flexible manufacturing.

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Mar 05, 2014 - Affording flexibility in manufacturing projects, manufacturing equipment rental and rigging equipment rental services enable companies to evaluate need for specific equipment as well as complete short-term projects. Available equipment for rental includes forklifts, rigging advisors, testing equipment, rigging equipment, production auxiliary equipment, and trucks. Parties are urged to contact company if something required is not available online.

Original Press Release

Global Machine Brokers Introduces Machine Rental Services

Press release date: Mar 03, 2014

Watertown, Connecticut: Global Machine Brokers is pleased to announce that they now offer manufacturing equipment rental and rigging equipment rental services to give their customers the option to lease the equipment they need, rather than purchase it. There are many reasons companies prefer renting equipment, including the evaluation of their need for specific equipment or as a cost-effective method of completing any short-term projects.

Global Machine Brokers has served as a broker between those who wish to sell their equipment and those who want to buy equipment at reduced prices. Through their experience in buying and selling manufacturing and rigging equipment, they have made the decision to offer rentals as well. With their large inventory and variety of equipment, their customers can find the perfect piece of industrial equipment to help them complete the job or make their current processes easier. The goal is to offer their customers greater flexibility in their manufacturing projects.

While Global Machine Brokers is currently building their inventory of manufacturing equipment rental and rigging equipment rental, they already have a variety of options to offer every customer the equipment they may require, including forklifts, rigging advisors, testing equipment, rigging equipment, production auxiliary equipment and trucks. Customers are encouraged to browse through their rental selection and contact the company if they need something that isn’t available online.

Anyone who would like more information on manufacturing machine rental or rigging equipment rental can find out more by visiting the Global Machine Brokers website or by calling 1-860-484-4449.

About Global Machine Brokers: Global Machine Brokers is an industrial asset management company that was started by Joe Wihbey in 2007. His extensive background in industrial machinery made this company a natural move for Mr. Wihbey. The company is designed to make the buying and selling of used, high-end industrial equipment easy for both the buyer and the seller. Global Machine Brokers charges a 10 to 15 percent commission on the sale of the machine and will offer reasonable prices for those who need to sell the equipment. In addition to brokering the buying and selling of this equipment, the company has recently begun rental services for industrial and rigging equipment. All equipment is stored in one of two warehouses, located in Watertown and Waterbury, Connecticut.

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