Machine Health Monitor allows full-time process monitoring.

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By analyzing band energy, BEAR(TM) (Band Energy Alert/Recorder) provides on-line monitoring of machine health with alarm and data logging capabilities for trending and root-cause analyses. Single or multiple frequency band energy monitoring helps identify specific condition faults or degradation. Based on programmable LanSharc(TM) Smart Digital Controller, unit may be installed as stand-alone module or as PC-based controller connected via Ethernet.

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Bear(TM) Smart System Allows Full-Time Critical Process Monitoring at an Affordable Price

CINCINNATI, OH (July 15, 2003) - The BEAR(TM) (Band Energy Alert/Recorder) system from THE MODAL SHOP INC. is the effective and affordable solution for rotating machinery health monitoring. By analyzing band energy - the vibration signature of machine parts - the BEAR provides on-line, cost-effective monitoring, with both alarm and data logging capability, for trending and root-cause analysis.

Single or multiple frequency band energy monitoring can help identify specific condition faults or degradation in drives, gearboxes, rolls spindles, and/or self-excited chatter frequencies. The BEAR allows this type of problem to be detected early, minimizing equipment maintenance and maximizing machinery life, without the disadvantages of manual vibration diagnostics, such as work stoppage, infrequent or incomplete information, and costly human labor involvement in potentially hazardous environments.

Based on the LanSharc(TM) Smart Digital Controller (SDC003), a highly programmable and configurable platform for advanced machine process vibration applications development and deployment, the BEAR can be installed as a stand-alone, autonomous module, or as a PC-based controller connected via Ethernet.

Cooling tower drives, fans/blowers, motors, generators, chillers, turbines, centrifugal pumps, hydraulic pumps, compressors, rotary screws, spindles, and finishing machines are among the many possible applications for the BEAR.

The BEAR software provides measurement of overall vibration level, but also includes ten frequency or order-referenced alarm bands with four different alarm levels for each band, and up to ten harmonic comb bands for each of these spectral bands (expandable up to 30 harmonics). It also provides band limits configurable in acceleration-rms, acceleration-peak, velocity-rms, and velocity-peak.

The easy-to-use BEAR software allows simplified graphical interface to set-up hardware, summary views, data exporting, trend, spectrum, or time plotting. Options include alarm limit learning, catastrophic data logging, narrowband spectral alarm envelope, network-capable cluster configuration, and visualization and analysis software for root-cause analysis and report generation.

The LanSharc hardware is designed for applications that monitor critical part quality or protect critical process machinery and systems from either failure or degradation. It combines the latest in analog to digital conversion and digital signal processing technology with abundant memory and communications resources. In addition to the BEAR application, THE MODAL SHOP INC. also offers the ePIG(TM) system for affordable, non-intrusive part quality and process monitoring on single spindle transfer line applications, and the NDT-RAM(TM) system for 100% non-destructive quality part testing of powdered metals parts and castings.

For more information about the ways the BEAR smart system can benefit your operations, contact THE MODAL SHOP INC. 3149 E. Kemper Road Cincinnati, OH 45241-1516, Internet:, (800) 860-4867, Fax (513) 458-2172 or e-mail:

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