Machine destroys microscope slides and their labels.

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Able to destroy approximately 10,000 slides/hr, SLYDEATER(TM) Slide Destruction System creates unrecognizable mound of glass dust that can be tossed into regular trash, creating instant HIPAA compliance. Operator loads as many as 300-400 slides into chute at once, they are then pulverized with 2-step crushing system and automatically deposited into no-tape collection box with integrated locking lid. Flashing indicator light notifies operator when box is full.

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Introducing the SLYDEATER(TM) Slide Destruction System

Quickly & easily destroy microscope slides & their labels

Germantown, WI-June 1, 2009. The SLYDEATER(TM) Slide Destruction System is the first machine designed to pulverize glass slides and obliterate any identification affixed to those slides. The unrecognizable mound of glass dust can be tossed into regular trash, not in medical or red bag waste or expensive sharps containers, creating instant HIPAA compliance in one quick and easy step.

The SlydEater destroys approximately 10,000 slides per hour - that's hundreds of slides per minute! The operator loads as many as 300 to 400 slides into the SlydEater chute at once, which are then pulverized with a two-step crushing system and automatically deposited into a "no-tape" collection box with integrated locking lid. A flashing indicator light notifies the operator when the box is full (approximately 2100 destroyed slides). The box is then closed and thrown out as regular waste.

The two-stage high-efficiency filter system helps control dust particle accumulation and keeps fine dust from escaping outside the machine during use and box change-out. The filter system exceeds OSHA & ACGIH exposure levels.

A removable, side-mounted basket conveniently holds up to 20 collection boxes.

Designed for the typical lab user - the SlydEater plugs into a standard 110V outlet and is quiet enough to operate near offices. Equipped with sturdy casters, the SlydEater's narrow 26" cabinet size allows the user to easily move the unit between rooms or place out of the way when not in use.

For complete details, write S&G Enterprises, Inc., N115 W19000 Edison Drive, Germantown, WI 53022 or visit our website at For detailed information or questions contact Mark J. Griffith, Product Manager, at 1-800-233-3721, fax 262-251-1616 or

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