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Suited for mobile machinery, PLUS 1(TM) incorporates programming environment, software tools, microcontrollers, I/O modules, graphical terminals, and joysticks. Modular system allows custom configuration and tuning of work and propel functions, such as speed, position, and pressure control. Multiple options can be specified into joystick's configuration, including detents, friction locks, redundant outputs, and switch functions. USB and RS232 connections allow laptop and PDA interfaces.

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Sauer-Danfoss Releases PLUS 1(TM), A New System For Customizing Control of Mobile Machinery

Sauer-Danfoss, an international manufacturer of engineered hydraulic and electronic systems for mobile equipment, announced today the release of PLUS 1(TM), an innovatively designed system that allows manufacturers to customize electronic machine control with the exact functions required. PLUS 1 includes a powerful programming environment and easy-to-use software tools, as well as newly-developed microcontrollers, Input/Output (I/O) modules, graphical terminals and joysticks.

With more than 40 years of experience in off-road equipment and over 30 years in mobile electronics, Sauer-Danfoss selected an international design team to apply the company's expertise in quality hydraulic and electronic systems to help OEMs increase efficiency and cost effectiveness. The result is PLUS 1, which offers equipment design engineers the ability to easily add one capability after another to develop their own control and monitoring network with the features that meet the users' specific operating needs. The mix and match system allows for custom configuration and precise tuning of work and propel functions, such as speed, position and pressure control, engine anti-stall and automotive propel control. Ideal applications include equipment in agriculture, construction, forestry, material handling, utility vehicles and road building.

The foundation of the PLUS 1 network is a line of durable, stackable microcontrollers and I/O modules that can be easily scaled to meet machine requirements. The powerful PLUS 1 GUIDE
(Graphical User Integrated Development Environment) enables a design engineer to quickly build customized applications from a library of software control objects, including diagnostic tools and service interfaces. The ready-to-fit platform reduces the cost and development time to maximize productivity and bring a better machine to market faster.

"We expect PLUS 1 to be the new industry standard for developing machine control due to its endless expandability," said Dan Ricklefs, Product Portfolio Manager. "Our goal was to give design engineers an easier way to integrate control functions for their specific operating requirements, knowing that they range from highly automated, heavy-duty uses to smaller, simpler, lighter uses. The beauty of PLUS 1 is that design engineers can use it for almost any application, and everything they need is in one package."

Powerful, Easy-to-use Modular Hardware and Software
The PLUS 1 microcontrollers are available in three housing sizes and nine total I/O configurations for multiple control options. CAN-based communications and DSP technology assure state-ofthe-art control performance. Mounting flexibility and durable design allow for more machine design options, even for the harshest operating environments.

Control functions are available individually as software objects that are installed using the PLUS 1 GUIDE, where they are instantly recognized. The control system can also be customized so the OEM or operator can capture specified information to be able to analyze operating and servicing data over time. In addition, design engineers can determine the level of fine tuning, diagnostics and service capabilities they want service technicians to be able to perform with a laptop or PDA connected into the individual machine.

Combine Joysticks and Graphical Terminals for Endless Options
Physical control of the machine is seamlessly incorporated using PLUS 1 compliant joysticks. The design engineer selects from a family of joystick bases that match the application, from light duty to heavy duty service. Multiple, almost endless, options can be specified into the joystick's configuration, including detents, friction locks, redundant outputs and switch functions. Both Hall effect and potentiometric sensing technologies are available, as well as custom grips if needed. PLUS 1 compliant graphical terminals can be individualized to monitor the functions suited to the
vehicle - everything from the basics, such as oil pressure, to machine angles. The graphical terminals are easily visible, day or night and can give an operator or service technician
instantaneous machine operating information. External device inputs allow for cameras, and multiple CAN buses provide for environmental monitoring and vehicle diagnostics and servicing
data. USB and RS232 connections allow laptop and PDA interfaces, with a buzzer alarm output providing audible feedback.

"As mobile equipment becomes more automated, the electronic control system will determine a machine's performance, reliability, cost effectiveness and position in the market," said Ricklefs. "The PLUS 1 system that now includes microcontrollers, the PLUS 1 GUIDE, the software library, joysticks and graphical terminals will just keep growing as we build everything else around PLUS 1. All these options put the power to develop specialized control solutions in the hands of
those who know best which features the operator needs for the type of work to be accomplished."

PLUS 1 fills a variety of needs for equipment manufacturers in several industries that may have varying degrees of in-house capabilities and resources, and allows for add-ons to address future developments. The result will be smart, high-performance, mobile equipment that meets more demanding work functions and provides greater operator comfort and ease of use.
Sauer-Danfoss Inc. is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of engineered electronic and hydraulic systems and components for use primarily in applications of mobile equipment.

Sauer-Danfoss, with more than 7,000 employees worldwide and revenue of more than $1 billion, has sales, manufacturing and engineering capabilities in Europe, the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region. The Company's executive offices are located near Chicago in Lincolnshire, Illinois. More details online at

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