Machinable Ceramic operates continuously at 1,600°F.

Press Release Summary:

Acting as ceramic thermal insulator, M/M 1600 Glass Mica Composite features fine grain construction and enables components to be machined from compression molded sheets using conventional cutting tools. Material exhibits 1.02 W/m°C thermal conductivity, ~300 sec tracking and arc resistance, and 500 V/mil dielectric strength. It comes in 8 in. dia discs ranging from 1/16 to 1 1/8 in. thick and 17 x 17 in. sheets in thicknesses to 1¼ in.

Original Press Release:

Crystex Composites, LLC, Mykroy/Mycalex Ceramics, Announces its New High-Temperature Machinable Ceramic 'M/M 1600'

May 11, 2006 - M/M 1600 Glass Mica Composite, a new grade in the family of "one of the world's most performing insulation materials" was introduced today at a Crystex conference meeting. George L. Flores, Chairman/CEO, Charles Clement PhD, Vice President of Engineering, and Juan Saenz, Material Engineer described the development of this new material to a group that included board members. M/M 1600 is a compression molded machinable ceramic that can operate continuously at 1600°F. Components can be machined from compression molded sheets using conventional cutting tools thus providing designers and engineers in various industries with a new and cost effective material for high temperature insulating components. As of February 1st, 2006, Crystex Composites, LLC will commence production of this newly developed material in (8) inch (203mm) diameter discs ranging from 1/16 through 1-1/8 inch (1.6mm - 28.6mm) thickness. By mid year the material will be available in sheets 17" x 17". (432 x 432 mm) in thickness up to 1-1/4". M/M 1600 material will provide an economical alternative to more expensive materials and will be available in larger sheets thus opening up potential applications that require larger components. M/M 1600 is expected to make an impact in varying technical markets because of these key advantages:
1) Capable of continuous operation at 1,600°F (870°C)
2) Fine grain construction and high strength allows easy machining of complex and thin section components.
3) Excellent electrical and thermal insulating properties
4) Excellent physical strength

Thermal conductivity is 1.02 W/m°C making it one of the best ceramic thermal insulators. Electrically, M/M 1600 has excellent tracking and arc resistance, (~/= 300 sec) and a very good dielectric strength of 500 v/mil. Its dielectric constant is 1 MHz is 6.91.

M/M 1600 is an excellent candidate to replace high performance plastics where high operating temperature, good electrical insulation, and high tracking resistance are required.

Crystex Composites LLC, through its division Mykroy/Mycalex Ceramics, has been serving the insulating materials and technical markets since 1917. Its products are well recognized among the scientific and technical communities because of both their reliability and performance.

Crystex is in the final development stages of additional innovative products and plans to unveil these in the coming months.

Contact Information: Gary Rosenblum, Sales & Marketing Manager - 1-800-638-8235 or 973-779-8866 ext 123 or

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