M&H Helps SASS to Create a New Family of Products

MH Plastics, part of the RPC Group of companies, has recently produced a wide range of packaging for the SASS brand of intimate care products which has launched in Boots stores throughout the UK.

Packaging such a range of sensitive products required a number of different approaches based on whether the contents were serums, cream or gels. MH worked extensively with SASS to ensure that each product had the optimum packaging and a premium look. SASS required short lead times for their packaging to ensure their speed to market and MH was able to assist with this by providing a flexible production system and labelling the completed tubes.

The packaging for the family of nine products included; 100ml Non-Aerosol Tubulars (5324) in HDPE with a matt over-cap (8397) and 30ml Tubulars (5024). The bottles were completed with serum and spray pumps. 100ml tubes were also supplied for the cream, serum and gel products, finished with rounded flip-top closures.

Mark Curry from We are Sass, the brand owners, said, “The speed and advice that MH was able to supply, to enable us to meet our targets, enabled us to secure a valuable placement and provide a complete family of products, packaged for this sensitive market.”

About SASS Intimate Care Products:

With research revealing that everyday soaps and shower gels can damage sensitive tissues and even raise the risk of thrush and BV (a condition that occurs when the bacterial balance becomes disrupted), the SASS range contains the first ever intimate probiotic to actively help prevent infections like thrush and BV and treat the symptoms of an existing infection. The whole range is pH balanced so completely safe for intimate and internal use. Ecodermine complex that promotes the growth of good bacteria, whilst inhibiting the microbes (bad bacteria) that cause thrush and BV. Secret Sinodor CQ technology helps to actively control unwanted natural and microbial odours by neutralising them. Aloe Vera, Allantoin and Menthyl Lactate complex to cleanse, moisturise and cool inflamed and irritated intimate skin.

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