Luvocom® Compound Replaces Metal in High Speed Printer Cartridge Holder

PAWCATUCK, RI  USA - Océ, a division of Canon Business Solutions and a leader in the printing industry for production and wide format printing systems, has specified LUVOCOM® 50-7856/FR/BK, developed and manufactured by Lehmann & Voss & Co as well as its U.S. subsidiary, Lehvoss North America, to replace metal in a cartridge holder assembly.  Océ specializes in technology innovation in high speed digital production printing systems where rapid process speeds and high yield requirements demand materials having extreme reliability and endurance.

Replacing metals with polymers is not uncommon.  Substitution of a metal assembly made up of 10 metal parts with spring constructions is not uncommon. Consolidating the complex metal assembly into one plastic component meant that a single material would have to satisfy diverse technical criteria.  The cartridge holder required a material with high stiffness to match the mechanical performance of the metal assembly.  The resolution accuracy and consistency for high speed printing demands that cartridge holders be very dimensionally stable.  In this application the plastic material had to be capable of holding tolerances of ± 0.05mm (0.002 in), made all the more challenging by the complex design.  The surface resistivity of the holder must be sufficiently conductive with surface resistivity of 105 ohms to dissipate electrostatic charge (ESD).

Additionally, industry standards require cartridge holders to meet UL94 V-0 flammability certification.  Lehvoss engineers developed LUVOCOM 50-7856/FR/BK, a flame resistant, carbon fiber reinforced polycarbonate compound that not only met all application technical requirements but also provided very good flow properties for ease of injection molding processing into thin wall sections.

“Substantial benefits were achieved by replacing their metal assembly with a one piece, injection molded cartridge holder.  Engineering specifications were met or exceeded.  Production and secondary assembly costs were reduced by 15% which is a significant gain especially in a very competitive market application,” said Michael Sandeen, Business Development Manager, Lehvoss North America.

For more information about LUVOCOM 50-7856/FR/BK, please call Lehvoss North America at (860) 495-2046 or visit


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