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Lutz-JESCO America Corp Announces the Introduction of Dry Feeders to It's Product Range

Dry Feeders are used to provide accurate metering of bulk material required in chemical and process engineering

Rochester, NY, January 1, 2010: Lutz-JESCO America Corp., your source for Total Fluid Management, has added Dry Feeders to their extensive line of pump accessories in order to offer clients accurate metering of bulk material that can be required in chemical and process engineering. Our Dry Feeders are extremely versatile; substances can be metered if the particles of the material are as fine as dust or in the form of pellets, flakes or short fibers.

Lutz-JESCO Dry Feeders are volumetric types and are equipped with hollow worms (lead screws). They are comprised of a self-supporting welded structure made from stainless steel plates. The gear and motor are located outside at the hopper. The maximally suitable speed for all worms is 150 rpm.

Standard 3-phase as well as DC motors are available for the power unit. The DC motor can be controlled continuously by a thyristor controller in the range from 1:50. The 3-phase motor either operates continuously, with a time relay switch to set intervals or is adjusted continuously via a frequency controller in the range of 1:20.

Additional equipment available for use with our Dry Feeders includes:

1. Control of metering output - A thyristor controller and various frequency converters are available.

2. Suspensomat - Suspensomats are a valuable and reliable aid in wetting the bulk material leaving the feeder in order to facilitate the introduction into the preparation tank. The film of water rotating at speed in the conically shaped collector of the suspensomat effectively prevents blockage due to sticking.

3. Nozzle heating - Heated nozzles prevent the entry of more or less humid ambient air into the dry feeder.

4. Base for height adjustment - The size of the suspensomats depends on the output of the dry feeders. Bases are used for height adaption.

5. Hoppers for direct mounting upon request.

Make Lutz-JESCO America your choice for Total Fluid Management(TM). Lutz-JESCO has been providing quality chemical metering pumps and systems to a variety of industries for over 70 years. Choose Lutz-JESCO for: Metering Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, AOD Pumps, Chemical Feed Systems, System Accessories, and Measuring and Control. With Lutz-JESCO, you're getting more than just high quality, durable, reliable pumps and products, combined with our extensive chemical feed knowledge backed by our commitment to provide you with the Total Fluid Management(TM) solutions for your needs.

For more information, contact:

Beth Harrison, Marketing,, 585.426.0990 x29

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