Luminary Micro Ships 12,000 Kits in Just 24 Months

AUSTIN, TX, USA - October 29, 2008 - Luminary Micro ( announced today that the company has shipped more than 12,000 of the company's award-winning Stellaris® evaluation and reference design kits in just the past 24 months, an unprecedented adoption rate for new microcontroller technology. The company's kits are shipping to customers in over 64 different countries and territories worldwide.

Luminary Micro's Stellaris microcontrollers are frequently used to improve energy efficiency in applications desiring a "green" product designation. In motion control applications, Stellaris' superior motion control and real-time performance capabilities enable the usage of computationally-intensive motion algorithms for increased energy efficiency. The Stellaris family of microcontrollers also features the industry's only Cortex-M3-based integration of connectivity standards including Ethernet MAC+PHY, IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol hardware assist, multiple CAN controllers, and USB Host capability. The company's evaluation and reference design kits provide embedded design engineers with hardware and software to evaluate and accelerate their end-application development time.

Evaluation Kits Have Developers Up and Running in 10 Minutes or Less

Luminary Micro now ships five different evaluation kits from USD 40 to USD 109 spanning the functionality range of Luminary Micro's 127 Stellaris microcontrollers currently available in global distribution. Each feature-rich evaluation kit includes evaluation boards, all required cables, a choice of evaluation tools suites for popular development tools, documentation, the Stellaris Peripheral Driver Library, Stellaris Graphics Library, Stellaris USB Library, applications notes, and everything a developer needs to get up and running in 10 minutes or less, for a superb "out-of-the-box" experience. All of the evaluation kits span the design spectrum from evaluation to prototyping to application-specific design by functioning both as an evaluation platform and as a serial in-circuit debug interface for any Stellaris microcontroller-based target board.

Software tools suite choices for the kits include evaluation versions of ARM RealView® Microcontroller Development kit (MDK), IAR Embedded Workbench® Kickstart Edition, Code Red Technologies Red Suite(TM), and CodeSourcery Sourcery G++(TM) GNU tools. In addition, ported demos of RTOSes are available on Luminary Micro's web site from, Micrium, Express Logic, CMX Systems, Keil, IAR, SEGGER, and Quadros . Communications stacks are also available for Ethernet, CAN, and USB from the open source community, Express Logic, Micrium, CMX, InterNiche, Quadrox, SEGGER, and RTA Automation.

Reference Design Kits Provide a Full Application Solution

Luminary Micro's reference design kits provide full applications solutions for motion control and connectivity applications. Each reference design kit includes boards, all required cables, schematics, Gerbers, BOM, software source code, and documentation to run the application right out-of-the-box. The company's motion-based reference design kits demonstrate multiple motor control algorithms, provide a convenient GUI to view and modify motor control parameters, and include a sample motor that runs out-of-the-box:

Brushless DC motors: RDK-BLDC, USD 219
Stepper motors: RDK-Stepper, USD 199
AC Induction motors: RDK-ACIM, USD 379

Luminary Micro's connectivity reference design kits include:

Intelligent Display Module (QVGA touch screen display with Ethernet connectivity and Power-over-Ethernet) : RDK-IDM, USD 219
Serial to Ethernet (RS232 and TTL UART to Ethernet connectivity): RDK-S2E, USD 139

About Luminary Micro and Stellaris

Luminary Micro, Inc. designs, markets and sells ARM® Cortex(TM)-M3-based microcontrollers (MCUs). Austin, Texas-based Luminary Micro is the lead partner for the Cortex-M3 processor, delivering the world's first silicon implementation of the Cortex-M3 processor. Luminary Micro's award-winning Stellaris® mixed-signal microcontrollers contain specialized capabilities for applications in energy, security, and connectivity markets. With the world's largest selection of ARM-based microcontrollers, Luminary Micro's Stellaris family allows for standardization that eliminates future architectural upgrades or software tools changes.

Luminary Micro Company Contact
Jean Anne Booth, CMO
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Luminary Micro 108 Wild Basin Rd Suite 350 Austin, TX 78746 Ph: 512-279-8800

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