Lumetrics® - Major Food Producer Installs Additional OptiGauge(TM) Systems

Rochester, NY - Lumetrics®, a leading manufacturer of measurement technology installed the OptiGauge(TM) online thickness measurement system, its third with one of the largest food packagers in the US.

Lumetrics® installed an online OptiGauge(TM) thickness measurement system for multi-layer films that are used to package meat products. The system includes scanners and software that measure a three-layer top film and three-layer bottom film making up the package.

Measurement of the various layers is critical to protecting the safety, shelf life, and appearance of the food products. Layers that are too thin can let in oxygen and harmful light rays which can contribute to "freezer burn", discolored food, and possibly dangerous contaminants. The OptiGauge(TM) system accurately displays all the layer thicknesses immediately and allows packagers to reduce the amount of material in the package without sacrificing product integrity.

Prior to the OptiGauge(TM) this packager would take random samples every 30 minutes from the packaging material while the line was operating. This sample would be taken to a laboratory and dissected to determine the different layer thicknesses. In this scenario a large amount of product could be packaged with incorrect protection resulting in costly reinspection and possible product disposal. Packagers typically "over engineer" their packaging by as much as 20 percent to prevent these type problems but this lead to excessive packaging costs.

Lumetrics worked closely on this project with FACTS, a systems solutions provider for the flexible packaging industry. "With the data obtained from the OptiGauge(TM) our customer can save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, per line", said President John Hart. "Additionally by working with partners such as FACTS we are able to provide automated die control of the film, and control the multiple operations that contribute to the package construction."

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