Lucifer Furnaces Equips ETREMA Products with HS3-GT Furnace

ETREMA Products, Inc., the world's leading supplier of magnetostrictive materials, such as Terfenol-D®, has recently installed a Lucifer Furnaces High Temperature GT furnace in its Ames, Iowa facility. Model HS3GT is capable of heating to 2450°F under inert atmosphere, with an SCR power supply for well regulated voltage and current output.

This single chamber box unit, with a working dimension of 12"H x 12"W x 24"L, is heated with silicon carbide glowbar elements mounted across the roof and beneath the heavy duty silicon carbide hearth plate for uniform heating. Four inches of premium grade multilayered ceramic fiber insulation, for minimal heat loss and maximum durability in thermal shock conditions, and 2 ½ inches of mineral wool insulation backup line the work area. The outer shell is fabricated from heavy gauge sheet steel reinforced and continuously welded for operation with a positive flow of inert atmosphere. The double pivot horizontal swing door keeps the hotface away from the operator at all times and is specially designed to withstand warping and distortion. A ceramic fiber gasket around the door perimeter and swing bolts with T handles compresses the door against the furnace faceplate.

Accessories include an overtemperature safety system with a high limit controller and an inert atmosphere flowmeter. ETREMA plans to use the furnace in process development work for ETREMA's Galfenol alloy system. Galfenol is a new magnetostrictive material that offers the exciting combination of excellent magnetostrictive and mechanical properties. ETREMA also offers engineering services focused on magnetostrictive device development for a variety of industries and applications.

Submitted by Lucy Jones, (215)-343-0411,

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