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Loop Powered Bargraph LCD offers serial I/O capabilities.

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Loop Powered Bargraph LCD offers serial I/O capabilities.

Jun 07, 2006 - Supplied in 1.74 x 5.70 in. panel cut out and 2 in. deep all-metal case, LBD comes in loop-powered as well as USB-powered versions and can also be used as serial input remote display. As loop-powered unit, LBD is used as display only with 4 alarm indicators, 4 digits, 101 automatic tricolor backlight, and serial I/O. External power lets unit use features such as 4 SPDT relays; 4-20 mA retransmission; RS232, 485, or USB communications; and complete command set.

Original Press Release

World's First Loop Powered Bargraph with Serial I/O

Press release date: Jun 05, 2006

Using NANOTECHNOLOGY OTEK has introduced its model LBD as a successor to its series 570 LCD loop powered bargraph but with digital display, backlight, and serial I/O ALL LOOP POWERED!

The LBD comes in an industry standard panel cut out of 1.74" x 5.70"(44 x 144mm) all metal case only 2" (50) deep including screw terminal connectors. The LBD comes in 2 basic versions: A) loop powered for 4-20mA loops of externally powered 5-48VDC, 90-265 or USB powered. As a loop powered the LBD is used as a display only with 4 alarm indicators, 4 digits, and 101 automatic tricolor backlight and serial I/O. B) External power allows the LBD to use all its features such as 4 SPDT relays (or O.C.T.), 4-20mA retransmission, RS232, 485, or USB communications and a complete command set such as Polynomials (9th), Backlight color, X-Y tables, Math Functions, Peak & Hold, Baud Rate selection, and more. You can also use the LBD as a serial input remote display.

The LBD is available in Nuclear, Mil-Spec, Industrial, and Intrinsically Safe (pending) for CLI, Div 1 and 2, groups A-G.

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