LonWorks® Serial Control Capabilities Now Expanded to ABB E-Clipse Bypass Option for ACH550 Drive Line

NEW BERLIN, Wis., January 8, 2009 . . . ABB Inc., Low Voltage Drives released the FLON-01 LonWorks Adapter module for the company's E-Clipse Bypass option for the ACH550 drive for HVAC applications.

The easy-to-install option adapter mounts to the E-Clipse Bypass, allowing serial control and / or monitoring of the E-Clipse Bypass and ACH550 drive. In addition to allowing fast and simple LonWorks connectivity of the E-Clipse Bypass and ACH550 drive, the FLON-01 also supports pass-through I/O, allowing integrators to use the E-Clipse Bypass and ACH550 drive's digital and analog inputs/outputs as free I/O points in their system.

The FLON-01 is the latest of many new capabilities available with the company's E-Clipse Bypass option for the ACH550 -- capabilities focused on evolving customer and market requirements; the FLON-01 strengthens further the E-Clipse Bypass's superior serial connectivity portfolio.

Providing LonWorks connection to both the bypass and drive allows serial connection for monitoring and / or control of both bypass and drive network variables. Both the E-Clipse Bypass and ACH550 are given a unique node ID, allowing the building automation controller a network interface to the bypass, even if the ACH550 is out for maintenance or service. Integrators can take advantage of the pass-through I/O. These I/O points can be used for monitor and / or control of external devices such as dampers that may not be directly related to the E-Clipse Bypass HVAC application.

This new adapter makes the E-Clipse Bypass option for the ACH550 the first, and currently, the only VFD bypass to be LonMark product certified. LonMark's interoperability Guidelines and their related international standards define the requirements for manufacturers. The FLON-01 for the E-Clipse Bypass was designed to comply with the LonMark standards and has passed the LonMark testing certification program. This ensures for facility managers, control contractors and specifying engineers that the E-Clipse Bypass will provide fast and simple plug-and-play connectivity with other LonMark-certified devices in a system. For a listing of all ABB products that are LonMark product certified, visit the LonMark Certified Product Catalogue at www.lonmark.org/

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