Long Numbers offer combined voice and text support.

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Combined SMS and voice long numbers (7+ digit) for business offer consumers single point of contact for inquiries and content requests, facilitating interaction process. Able to be used across range of applications where companies want to interact with consumers by voice and/or text channels, long numbers can be used by businesses in place of short code (4+ digits) numbers and are internationally available. They can also be set up at short notice and retained long term.

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TynTec Launches Combined Voice and Text-Enabled Long Numbers

Mobile messaging service provider TynTec (www.tyntec.com) today announces the launch of combined SMS and voice long numbers for business. The new numbers will give consumers the ability to contact companies and services using either voice or text on a single number - greatly simplifying the contact process and improving the service businesses can offer.

The new technology means that companies will now be able to promote long number (e.g. 7+ digit) contact details to consumers or staff as a single point of contact for voice and SMS, making it an effective vehicle for any enterprise application, marketing campaign or entertainment service. By converging voice and text under a single number, the new service will simplify incoming voice and SMS traffic, as well as facilitating contact with consumers.

The combined voice and text numbers could be used across a huge range of applications where companies want to interact with consumers by voice and/or text channels. Customer care services, call centres, entertainment services and IVR providers can now offer consumers a single point of contact for inquiries and content requests therefore providing an easier interaction process. For example, a company offering entertainment products for mobiles could now offer consumers the ability to either text in or to call an interactive voice response (IVR) system to access their content, all using the same number.

SMS long numbers can be used by businesses in place of short code (e.g. 4+ digits) numbers, and offer a range of advantages. As well as being internationally available, long numbers enable businesses to have their own number, rather than short codes which are generally shared across a lot of brands. In addition, long numbers are available at a fraction of the cost of short codes as well as being free of the 'premium rate' association of short codes. Furthermore, TynTec's SMS long numbers can be set up at short notice and can be retained long term, unlike short codes.

The service is available to resellers and business customers from February 2007. Deals have already been agreed with virtual telephony and SMS services provider X-on and community mobile applications specialist Zygo Communications, whose service is currently being trialled by customers of AOL (UK).

Michael Kowalzik, CEO of TynTec, said: "Our long number SMS service is already well established and is being used by many businesses and mobile operators across Europe. By integrating voice and text on the same long number, we're now offering a hugely flexible and powerful customer and staff communications tool. When people communicate with their friends or colleagues on the phone they're used to using one number for text and voice - with this new product its now the same for companies as well."

For more information:
Patrick Herridge
Parys Communications
020 7622 9951

About TynTec
TynTec is a mobile messaging service provider, offering powerful SMS functionality to operators, enterprises, aggregators, ISPs and message resellers. Through partnerships with mobile operators the company has unique, multiple points of access into the deep level (SS7) mobile telecoms network, enabling it to offer a new level of quality in messaging services.

TynTec offers a range of services that leverage its network access including international SMS hubbing, outsourced operator messaging services and enterprise SMS.

TynTec works with a wide range of mobile operators and major global businesses including O2, T-Mobile, Accenture, British Airways and Google.

IMT - International Messaging Transit (IMT) is an SMS hubbing technology - it facilitates the seamless global interoperability of SMS between operators without the need for hundreds of costly individual bi-lateral interoperability agreements

Managed services - TynTec's Managed Services enable operators of all sizes to outsource non-core technical activities such as long-number SMS reception, OTA, number range hosting and even the entire SMS-C

Enterprise SMS - TynTec's enterprise services division offers businesses carrier-grade SMS messaging, enabling them to use SMS in mission critical applications and corporate communications

About X-on
X-on is a company with 15 years experience in the design of voice and data systems. Located in the UK and Australia, X-on supply outsourced fixed and mobile telephony services that integrate voice, data and messaging. X-on cuts the cost of business solutions to service volumes of phone calls and messages without compromise on quality.

For more information contact Penelope Sinton on 0870 345 5577 or email Penelope.Sinton@X-on.co.uk

About Zygo Communications
Based in London, UK, Zygo Communications is dedicated to developing products and services that allow groups of people who know each other in the real world to socialise, organise and share information, whenever they want and wherever they are. Zygo has developed a unique product that allows a group of people to assign a dedicated mobile phone number to their group that enables them to communicate easily by SMS, voice and the web.

For further information contact: Lydia Oakes
T: +44 (0)1799 543909
M: +44 (0)7710 244573
E : lydia@zygocommunications.com
Or visit: www.zygocommunications.com

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