Long Lead Ball Screws feature rotating nut design.

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Ranging from 25-50 mm dia with leads from 20-50 mm, Series SLT features rotating nut with axial play, while Series BLT includes backlash elimination. Design allows drive motor to move with nut to minimize inertia and achieve linear speeds to 110 m/min. Rotating nuts realize max transmissible torque up to 803 Nm and max transmissible axial load up to 162 kN, depending on type. Applications include packaging and automation systems, laser cutting, and production machinery.

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SKF® Ball Screws With Rotating Nut Reduce Inertia And Promote Higher Linear Speeds

New SKF® long lead ball screws with a rotating nut design provide precise positioning and offer compact, ready-to-use, and easily incorporated solutions for linear-actuation applications requiring high speeds and long strokes. Their design allows the drive motor to move with the nut to reduce inertia, require less power, and achieve even higher linear speeds up to 110m/min. Applications include packaging and automation systems, laser cutting, and production machinery, among others. Unlike traditional ball screws with rotating screw shafts, these integrate a nut rotating inside the bearings and along the fixed long-lead screw shaft. The motor moving with the nut minimizes the inertia and critical speed problems typically associated with long rotating screw shafts and promotes optimized performance. Design features include angular contact bearings directly mounted on the nut and preloaded in an "O" configuration to fully support the torque generated by the belt tension; a fixed screw shaft to allow for simplified mounting; two all-metal seals to protect the support bearings and nut from contaminants; and brush wipers mounted in the ball screw in standard configuration for additional protection. These ball screws are available with a rotating nut with axial play (Series SLT) or with backlash elimination (Series BLT). Diameters range from 25mm to 50mm and leads range from 20mm to 50mm. Dynamic load ratings range from 39.5kN to 94.8kN for ball screws and 61.8kN to 156kN for bearings. Rotating nuts can realize maximum transmissible torque up to 803Nm and maximum transmissible axial load up to 162kN, depending on type. All assemblies can be equipped with appropriate end-machining for quick and easy installation and operation. Standard products can be customized to satisfy particular application specifications. Contact Wayne Greer, SKF Linear Motion & Precision Technologies, 1530 Valley Center Parkway, Bethlehem, PA 18017-2266. Phone: 800-541-3624 (toll-free) or 610-861-4824. Fax: 610-861-3737. Web site: www.linearmotion.skf.com (SKF® is a registered trademark of SKF USA Inc.)

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