Logic Controller offers DeviceNet(TM) Master capability.

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With DeviceNet Master Module, GLC2000 series all-in-one HMI and logic controller is compatible with DeviceNet I/O network. Once module is installed, off-line menus can be used to configure slave's MAC address and baud rate. Module supports Polled, Bit-Strobe, Change of State, and Cyclic connection types as well as up to 63 slaves with up to 48 words or bits on each. Series comes with built-in Ethernet, CompactFlash support, and bar code reader support.

Original Press Release:

DeviceNet(TM) Master Module for GLC2000 Series

Saline, MI - June 12, 2003 - Xycom Automation, Inc., a subsidiary of Pro-face America, Inc. and a market leader in Industrial PCs, announces DeviceNet Master capability for the GLC2000 Series of all-in-one Human Machine Interface (HMI) and controllers.

The GLC2000 Series, a unique mix of HMI and logic controller, now has another option for I/O support - DeviceNet. The new DeviceNet Master Module allows the GLC2000 Series to control DeviceNet, the worldwide accepted and popular I/O network. In the past, the GLC2000 Series was limited to the Pro-face brand of Flex Network I/O. Now I/O is available from hundreds of manufactures in multiple formats.

A third party configuration utility is no longer needed to configure a DeviceNet network with the GLC2000 Series unit. Once the module has been installed on a GLC2000 Series unit, off-line menus can be used to configure a slave's MAC address and baud rate. The development software used to generate screens and ladder logic, GP-PRO/PBIII C-Package02, can read the contents of a user-provided EDS (Electronic Data Sheet) file. An EDS file is used to assist in the configuration of the slave I/O. These abilities save money and time.

The DeviceNet Master Module supports Polled, Bit-Strobe, Change of State (COS), and Cyclic connection types, and it supports up to 63 slaves with up to 48 words or bits on each, and a maximum of 1008 words or bits total.

"Upon announcing the release of the DeviceNet Master Module, I've heard many Controls Engineers remark, 'This is just the product I have been looking for.' Even in this down-turned economy, the GLC2000 Series recently had its largest sales month ever, and this is just the addition to keep it going strong," comments Xycom GLC Product Manager, Scott Kortier.

The GLC2000 Series units are available in 5.7" monochrome or color, 7.4" color, and 12.1" display sizes. GLC2000 Series units come standard with built-in Ethernet, CompactFlash support, and bar code reader support. This all-in-one controller and HMI, along with all of these features, offers a very cost-effective product for the price-conscious engineer.

About Xycom Automation

Xycom Automation is a leading global supplier of innovative industrial automation solutions. Principal products include PC-based, open architecture visualization and control offerings. Xycom products serve industrial, automotive, aerospace, packaging, plastics, textile, and other markets, with hardware and software installed in over 200,000 factory-floor systems worldwide. Xycom Automation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pro-face America, Inc., and provides marketing and sales for all Pro-face products in North, Central, and South America, and all Xycom products worldwide. Headquartered in Saline, Michigan, Xycom has employees and representatives around the world.

About Pro-face America

Founded in January 1999, Pro-face America, Inc. is a majority-owned subsidiary of Digital Electronics Corporation based in Osaka, Japan. Pro-face America, the North American headquarters of Digital, is located in Glendale Heights, IL.

For more information about Xycom and Pro-face products, visit www.xycom.com.

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