Loggerhead Tools Introduces Pro-Gear Line

-- Pro-Gear Bionic Wrench(TM), Bionic Grip(TM) Feature
Interlock(TM) Mechanism, Nickel Finish --

Chicago, March 14, 2007 -- LoggerHead Tools LLC today launched its Pro-Gear line of professional-grade tools. The first in this series are professional versions of its award-winning Bionic Wrench(TM) and Bionic Grip(TM) hand tools. Both feature an Interlock(TM) mechanism that stays engaged while under torque load and a nickel finish for added corrosion-resistance and durability. Like all LoggerHead Tools products, they are made in America and guaranteed for life.

Both the Pro-Gear Bionic Wrench(TM) and Bionic Grip(TM) feature the patented Bionic Gripping(TM) technology, which distributes force around the flats of a fastener and automatically fits multiple sizes of nuts and bolts with the squeeze of a hand. In addition, the open-ended Bionic Grip(TM) fits a wide size range of pipes and tubes. Both are general-purpose tools that can be used for repairs and maintenance in a variety of fields, including construction, HVAC, plumbing and manufacturing.

"The LoggerHead Tools Pro-Gear series meets the higher demands of the professional market," said company president Dan Brown. "The Interlock(TM) feature enables users to get more torque than before, and the nickel plating makes the tools more impervious to wear and tear, as well as the elements." Brown said that the company will be adding an electrician's tool to its Pro-Gear line later this year.

Symmetrical Grip Provides Professional Results
The Pro-Gear Bionic Wrench(TM) and Bionic Grip(TM) are different than traditional wrenches or pliers because they actively distribute force around the sides of nut or bolt instead of the corners. The Bionic Wrench(TM) has a closed head and six smooth jaws that converge on all sides of a nut or bolt when the handle is squeezed. The Bionic Grip(TM) has an open head and four serrated jaws that grab the curved surface of a pipe or flats of a fastener, distributing force over 240 degrees. This symmetrical grip is less likely to distort softer materials, such as copper, plastic and brass pipes. For both tools, the Interlock(TM) mechanism engages onto the work, stays locked while under torque load and simply disengages when the force is removed.

Easy to Use: No External Locks, Knobs or Adjustments
The Pro-Gear Bionic Wrench(TM) and Bionic Grip(TM) feature an ergonomic design and simple adjustability without external locks, knobs or adjustments. They are easy to use for most anyone, regardless of ability and experience with tools. Users can grip the tools in either hand and in almost any orientation, and tighten or loosen their work with ratchet-like speed because there is no need to remove the wrench between turns.

Covers Wide Range of Fastener and Pipe Sizes
The Pro-Gear Bionic Wrench(TM) and Bionic Grip(TM) are available in 6-, 8- and 10-inch sizes. Together, the Bionic Wrench(TM) family covers 38 sizes of fasteners; and the Bionic Grip(TM) family covers 35 sizes of fasteners as well as pipes and tubes from 5/16 to 1 ¼ (outer diameter). This greatly reduces the need to find the exact size wrench for a job.

Numerous Design Awards
In 2006, the Bionic Grip(TM) won a Chicago Innovation Award for its ability to uniquely fill unmet needs, generate a competitive response in the marketplace, exceed market expectations and achieve financial success. LoggerHead Tools' Bionic Gripping(TM) technology also has won numerous international design awards, including the 2006 Red Dot: Best of the Best distinction for pioneering design in its category and the 2005 iF Gold award from the International Design Forum. The Bionic Wrench(TM) also was nominated by the German government for the prestigious German Design award and received the 2005 Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice award.

Availability and Price
LoggerHead Tools Pro-Gear series is available through LoggerHead Tools: www.loggerheadtools.com or 1-888-564-4374 (LOGGERHEAD) and through distributors of professional hand tools. Following are the suggested retail prices for the Pro-Gear Bionic Wrench(TM) and Bionic Grip(TM) series: 6-inch, $28.95; 8-inch, $32.95; 10-inch, $36.95.

About LoggerHead Tools
LoggerHead Tools LLC designs, develops and commercializes inventive, new-to-the-world tools manufactured in the United States. The company's mission is to create problem-solving innovations that provide enhanced value to its customers.

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