Log2Net-Rainfall Logging System Monitors in Real-Time

Isodaq Log2Net Rainfall Logging System


The Isodaq Log2Net rainfall logging system offers a low-cost solution for acquiring measurements logged at remote sites for real-time monitoring applications. At the heart of the Isodaq solution is the Isodaq Tadpole GPRS data logger which connects to a choice of rain gauges, specially selected from quality manufacturers to cover a wide range of measurement applications and site  types. CAS DataLoggers supplies Isodaq products in North America—these environmental monitoring products are reliable, convenient, and easy to use!

The system automatically transmits data from a remote site using GPRS/3G telemetry technology and posts the results directly to the secure Timeview Telemetry data-hosting website.

No need to worry about telemetry infrastructure maintenance or employing telecommunications engineers because Isodaq telemetry solutions are plug-and-play—all you need is a PC with a broadband internet connection.  If required, we can  even organize the installation and maintenance of the site to ensure a continuous stream of data.

Tadpole R2/R3 GPRS/3G Data Logger:

The Tadpole R2/R3 GPRS/3G data logger is a compact, battery- powered outstation designed to give trouble-free  operation at remote sites for several years without the need to fit a solar panel.  Isodaq systems are ideal for low-impact installations and the logger actually fits inside many popular tipping-bucket gauges, with input options for most types of  digital or SDI-12 raingauge sensors.  Data is transmitted via the GSM/GPRS mobile network back to Isodaq's telemetry  servers and the system can be configured to collect daily or hourly or when alarms thresholds are exceeded. Features include:

  • Fits inside many Tipping Bucket gauges

  • In-built GPRS or 3G modem

  • Sealed-for-life against water ingress

  • Digital pulse/count or SDI-12 input

  • Alkaline battery holder

  • Links to SCADA via  DNP3

Rapid Low-Cost Deployment:

Tadpole has been designed for rapid deployment either inside the gauge or within a secondary instrument enclosure. Tadpole can operate off 2 x alkaline D cells or via a rechargeable 6/12V  lead acid battery. The benefits include:

  • Complete integrated telemetry raingauge system

  • Easy to install inside many Tipping Bucket gauges

  • Suitable for rapid temporary deployment

  • Alkaline battery pack lasts for > 1 yr (strong GSM signal)

Rainfall Sensors for any Application:

Tipping bucket gauge - Casella  Measurements

Features and benefits include:

  • Metal construction for long-life  operation

  • 0.2 or 0.5mm tip bucket option

  • Double output relay contacts

  • Requires regular cleaning for best  results

  • Optionally available with dynamic calibration

  • Digital count input into any Isodaq logger

Weighing principle gauge - Sutron  TPG

Features and benefits include:

  • BSI/WMO standard weighing principle  gauge

  • Storage capacity of 914mm

  • Discriminates between rainfall and  debris

  • Minimal maintenance required

  • SDI-12 interface for multi-channel  inputs

Low-maintenance RAINCAP - Vaisala  WXT520

Features and benefits include:

  • Low-cost compact mini weather station

  • Rainfall intensity, wind speed/direction, temperature, humidity

  • and  pressure

  • Virtually maintenance-free rainfall sensor

  • Optional heater and bird spike deterrent.

  • SDI-12 interface for multi-channel  inputs

Log2Net Benefits:

Log2Net is Isodaq's real-time monitoring concept enabling users to choose some of the best sensor and data logging  technology available to collect data from remote sites and transmit it direct to your desktop computer every day or every hour if required. Benefits include:

  • Get real-time data without leaving your desk

  • Use alarm functions to notify of critical  events

  • Reduce frequency of data collection visits

  • Save travel costs and carbon  footprint

  • Improve data quality and reduce risk of data loss

  • Flexibility to select logger-sensor combination

At the heart of our solution is an Isodaq GPRS data logging system which logs values sensed by a range of  measurement sensors and which transmits the data using GPRS communications protocols to your PC, Tablet or smartphone computer via Isodaq's Timeview web-based automatic data collection software application.

Log2Net Ease of Use:

Just 5 easy steps to bring remote-site data direct to a PC:

  1. Select the rainfall gauge that's best suited for your application

  2. Connect to the Isodaq GPRS data logger and start logging

  3. Fit the low-cost GPRS SIM and send data for fixed charge

  4. Store, process data alarms on Timeview web-site

  5. Use a standard internet browser to view/download data

For more info on Isodaq RTU Data Loggers, or to find the ideal solution for your applicationspecific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at 800-956-4437 or visit our website at www.DataLoggerInc.com.

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