Locking Assemblies provide shaft/hub connection.

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Suited for use in rotating machinery, self-centering and non-self-centering Internal Locking Assemblies(TM) produce clamping pressure between surfaces of locking device and shaft/hub to create adjustable and releasable mechanical shrink-fit connection. Model RfN 7012 has double-tapered thrust rings and self-releasing tapers, while RfN 7013 has single taper design and self-locking taper. Models fit shaft diameters of ¾-8 in. and 1-4 in., respectively.

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Ringfeder's Internal Locking Assemblies Provide Connections for a Variety of Applications

Westwood, NJ- Ringfeder Corporation offers Internal Locking Assemblies(TM) for a variety of shaft/hub connection solutions. Internal locking devices are used in heavy-duty applications to provide higher torques and axial capacities in rotating machinery. Applications include gears, clutches, turbine rotors, couplings, conveyor pulleys, flywheels, brake drums and self-mounted gear units to name a few. Self-centering and non-self- centering units are available.

Internal Locking Assemblies(TM) are self-contained with locking screws that when tightened provide an axial force on a pair of counter taper rings. This clamping pressure between the surfaces of the locking device and the shaft/hub creates an easily adjustable and releasable mechanical shrink-fit connection. The tight fit provided by the Internal Locking Assemblies(TM) around the shaft eliminates backlash and allows for reversing loads. The design of the carbon steel frictional locking devices eliminates the need for keys, keyways, splines and fitting costs.

The RfN 7012 Internal Locking Assemblies(TM) feature double-tapered thrust rings with self-releasing tapers. The thrust rings press the outer ring against the hub and the inner ring against the shaft, creating a strong connection that can be released at anytime. They bridge relatively large fit clearances, are easy to install and remove, but are not self-centering. A pre-centering hub section is usually required. RfN 7012's are available for shafts from ¾" to 8" and metric sizes from 19mm to1000mm diameters.

The more precise RfN 7013 Internal Locking Device provides a single taper design with a self-locking taper to provide good self-centering action and centricity, as well as increased torque capacity. A pre-centering hub section is not required and integral push-off screws for disassembly are provided. They are available in flange and straight-thru types for shaft sizes from 1" to 4" and from 20mm to 150mm.

Ringfeder offers a wide range of power transmission solutions including: keyless shaft/hub connections, torque limiters, shock-absorbing devices, flexible elastomeric couplings, flexible disc couplings and specialty products for all your power transmission needs. For more information on Ringfeder's external Shrink Discs® or the entire line of Ringfeder products, log on to www.ringfeder.com or call 1-800-245-2580.

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