Locker Organizer allows for orderly work environment.

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Manufactured from high-impact polymer with minimum of 25% recycled resin, LockerOrganizer(TM) provides built-in trays for pens, pencils, and supplies; holder for personal items such as rings, watches, and valuables; and holders for longer objects such as umbrellas. It features locking lugs for second tier and legs that can be shortened to 6 in.

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Class A Products Introduces the LockerOrganizer(TM)

Baytown, Texas, October 2, 2006 - Organizational tools for employees improves the work environment, boost moral and improve time management.

Class A Products (C.A.P.) design team has come together to make the most complete locker organizational tool on the market for industry (brochure attached). The LockerOrganizer is designed with versatility in mind. The organizer has built in trays for pens, pencils and other supplies, a holder for personal items like rings, watches and other valuables, special holders for longer objects like umbrellas, plans etc... Additionally the design team has made the legs capable of being shortened to 6-inches and locking lugs for the second tier in the locker. This is yet another example of C.A.P.'s commitment to our nation's workforce.

LockerOrganizer is manufactured from a high impact polymer with a minimum of 25% high quality recycled resin. C.A.P. is a firm believer in environmentally responsible manufacturing and supporting our nation's economy with only products and components made in the U.S.A. "We believe supplying employees with personal organizational tools, such as the LockerOrganize, demonstrates management's comment to the well being of its employees and boost moral, which in turn increases productivity." said C.A.P. Owner and CEO Richard Toliver.

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About Class A Products:
Class A Products is a family owned business, which has been in business for over 15 years selling security and organizational products to public schools and industry. We are pleased to be introducing the LockerOrganizer(TM) for our nation's work force.

For more information, please contact:
Mr. Tim Toliver, P.E.
Class A Products
1526 Gleneagles Dr.
Bowling Green OH 43402

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