Lipstick Camera offers weather resistance.

Press Release Summary:

Model ILC-HV4 incorporates Dupont Viton O-ring for resilience to UV radiation and offers 420TVL of resolution. Aluminum sun-shield reduces rain interference and provides shade. For effective IR distance of 45 ft, camera comes with 24 IR LEDs at 840 nm. Built-in photo sensor controls LEDs based on ambient light levels, providing night-time imaging ability.

Original Press Release:


Revolutionary Infrared-Equipped Lipstick Camera Offers Unparalleled Weather Resistance and Picture Quality

Offering 420TVL of resolution, the ILC-HV4 also incorporates a Dupont Viton O-ring, providing the industry's highest resilience to UV radiation emitted by the sun. UV radiation from the sun ultimately breaks down man made products, and is the number one cause of failure in lipstick weather-resistant seals. The ILC-HV4 is also provided with an aluminum sun-shield, reducing any possible rain interference to the image and providing a shade to eliminate glare. The camera comes with 24 infrared LEDs at 840nm, providing an effective IR distance of 45 feet. The built-in photo-sensor, controls the LEDs based on ambient light levels, making this camera an excellent night-time security camera.

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