Linspire Releases Freespire 1.0 Desktop Linux OS

Free Operating System Offers Legally-licensed, Proprietary Software Options to Open Source Linux

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 9 -- Linspire, Inc. announces the immediate availability of Freespire 1.0, a free, Debian-based desktop Linux operating system that optionally combines open source software with legally-licensed proprietary drivers, codecs and applications in its core distribution. Freespire licenses and makes available 3rd-party software where there are not yet viable open source alternatives.

Linspire announced the Freespire community project at the Desktop Linux Summit on April 24th, 2006 with a projected release date for Freespire 1.0 of September 1st. Released almost a month ahead of schedule, Freespire 1.0 offers users the ability to choose what software they want installed on their computer, with no limitations or restrictions placed on that choice. By including 3rd-party proprietary drivers, codecs and applications software, Freespire is able to provide better out-of-the-box hardware, file type and multimedia support, such as MP3, Windows Media, Real, QuickTime, Java, Flash, ATI, nVidia, fonts, WiFi, and modems. Freespire also provides one-click access to legally licensed DVD playback software, games, Sun's StarOffice, Win4Lin, CodeWeaver's Crossover Office, TransGaming's Cedega, and dozens of other commercial products.

"Users should be free to easily and legally choose what software they want to install and use on their computer," said Kevin Carmony, CEO of Linspire, Inc. "Freespire provides a free marketplace for any and all Linux software, including proprietary, open source, free, and commercial products. As with any free market, all vendors are free to participate and offer their wares, and buyers are free to choose from the different wares without limitations or restrictions on their choice."

Immediately available for free download through the web site, Freespire is a community-driven, Debian-based Linux distribution that is designed to be powerful enough for sophisticated Linux users and developers, yet easy enough for someone new to Linux. Freespire was created specifically for use on desktop and notebook computers and designed to offer a new level of polish, attention to detail, and ease-of-use in a free Linux distribution. For software management, Freespire comes pre-installed with Linspire's CNR (Click and Run) technology, a powerful and easy to use application management system, as well as the ability to freely use apt-get or Synaptic.

"The pragmatic world view of the Freespire project -- that everything should just work without endless tinkering -- is truly refreshing," said Ian Murdock, founder of the popular Debian Linux system. "Freespire will open the door to many more potential Linux users who want to experience the many benefits of open source without having to become an expert in how it all works. CNR is truly a work of art."

Also available is the Freespire 1.0 OSS Edition, a special version of Freespire that does not include any proprietary software. This version can be used by those who wish to build upon Freespire, without any of the 3rd-party licensed components included in the cord OS.

As a company, Linspire will continue to develop and release new commercial versions of its industry leading desktop Linux operating system Linspire OS. While Freespire is more accessible by developers and those in or curious about the Linux community, Linspire will continue to be geared towards the consumer and novice computer user, offering more ease of use and premium support for users and the OEM and retail channels.

Linux World - Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Linspire will host an official press conference next Tuesday, August 15th at 1:00pm (PST) at the Linux World Conference and Expo in San Francisco, where Kevin Carmony, CEO of Linspire, Inc., will be available for questions. In addition, Mr. Carmony will also be a featured panelist from 11:30am-12:30pm, The state of Linux on the Desktop: An OSDL Desktop Linux Workgroup panel, and speaking at 3:00pm-4:00pm on Desktop Linux for the Mainstream Consumer Market.

The state of Linux on the Desktop: An OSDL Desktop Linux Working group panel discussion

Date: Tuesday, August 15th, 2006
Time: 11:30am - 12:30 pm PST
Place: Linux World San Francisco (Moscone Center)

Press Conference: Freespire 1.0
Date: Tuesday, August 15th, 2006
Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm PST
Place: Room 212 (2nd Floor), Linux World San Francisco (Moscone Center)

Speaking Track: Desktop Linux for the Mainstream Consumer Market
Date: Tuesday, August 15th, 2006
Time: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm PST
Place: Room 309, Linux World San Francisco (Moscone Center)

For further information, or to arrange an interview with Kevin Carmony, please send an email to or stop by the official Freespire meeting room #212 during Linux World.

About Freespire

Freespire ( is a community-driven, Linux-based operating system that combines the best that free, open source software has to offer (community driven, freely distributed, open source code, etc.), but also provides users the choice of including proprietary codecs, drivers and applications as they see fit. With Freespire, the choice is yours as to what software is installed on your computer, with no limitations or restrictions placed on that choice. How you choose to maximize the performance of your computer is entirely up to you.

About Linspire

Linspire, Inc. ( was founded in 2001 to bring choice into the operating system market. The company's flagship product, the Linspire operating system, is an affordable, easy-to-use Linux-based operating system for home, school, and business users. Linspire pioneered CNR ("click and run") Technology, which allows Linspire users access to thousands of software programs, each of which can be downloaded and installed with just one mouse click. The thousands of software titles available in the CNR Warehouse ( include full office and productivity suites, games, multimedia players, photo management software, accounting tools, and more.

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