Lineshaft Conveyor transports or accumulates.

Press Release Summary:

NSP and NSPEZ conveyors can be field converted from transportation conveyor to zero pressure accumulating conveyor by adding components. Conveyor comes in variety of styles with 1-3/8 inch or 1.9 in. diameter rollers. Side frames are 9-1/2 in. deep, providing neater appearance and protection during installation and operation of system. Zone activation is quiet, and frame has space for accessories.

Original Press Release:

Hytrol Streamlines Lineshaft Conveyor Design

Hytrol has streamlined the design of lineshaft conveyors to create a new family of conveyors with a sleek appearance, more flexibility, easier installation, and better performance. This conveyor family comes in a variety of styles with 1 3/8 inch or 1.9 inch diameter rollers and allows for either transportation or zero pressure accumulation controlled by Hytrol's patented EZLogic® accumulation system.

The side frames of this new conveyor line are 9 1/2 inches deep. This not only allows for a neater appearance, it better protects the lineshaft during installation and operation of the system.

The ability to field convert a transportation conveyor to a zero pressure accumulating conveyor by adding readily available components greatly enhances the flexibility of this improved conveyor line.

The zone activation is quieter than ever and more space is available within the frame for the many accessories available for lineshaft conveyor.

Check out the new models NSP and NSPEZ conveyors from Hytrol.

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