Linear Servomotor features 50 mm long forcer.

Press Release Summary:

Model L250SS Linear Shaft Motor has non-critical air gap up to 5 mm, which allows for flexible machining and installation. This also allows flexibility over length of stroke and is beneficial in applications that may cause build-up on shaft. Stroke lengths of 100-3,750 mm are available and unit is offered with continuous forces of up to 24 N and peak force of up to 94 N. Able to achieve sub-micron resolutions, motor also has back EMF of up to 4.5 V/m/sec and rated forces of up to 17 N.

Original Press Release:

High-Precision Linear Motor in New Package from Nippon Pulse

Nippon Pulse has announced the release of its newest linear servomotor, the L250SS Linear Shaft Motor. The L250SS is highlighted by a forcer that is 50mm in length, significantly reducing the length that had been offered on the standard L250 motor. The standard L250 forcer length ranges from 120-210mm.

By reducing the size of the forcer to just 50mm, Nippon Pulse has provided the user a longer range of movement than has previously been available.

In addition to a greater motion range, the SS series also features a large non-critical air gap, up to 5mm, which allows easier and more flexible machining and installation. Users of the SS series do not have to be as precise with alignment and have flexibility over the length of the stroke. The larger air gap is also beneficial in applications that may cause build up on the shaft, extending the time in between needed maintenance.

Other features of the SS series include available stroke lengths of 100~3,750mm, continuous forces of up to 24N, and a peak force of up to 94N. The motors also feature a back EMF of up to 4.5 V/m/s and rated forces of up to 17N.

Nippon Pulse's Linear Shaft Motor is the first linear motor design and constructed from the ground-up with the ultra high-precision market in mind. Because it generates less heat than similar linear motors, provides stiffness up to 100 times greater than competing motors, has no cogging issues, uses all magnetic flux, and produces no Eddy currents, the Linear Shaft Motor is capable of achieving sub micron resolutions.

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