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Linear Options Consulting is a Solution Provider firm which applies advanced scientific methods that help to make more efficient business decisions. The use of unique and powerful techniques (such as mathematical modeling and simulation) lead to analytical solutions when organizations deal with complex situations and offers them the strength to make better decisions in diverse areas such as Manufacturing, Healthcare and Hospitals, Banking, Transportation, Wholesale Distribution, Education and Research, Agriculture, Warehouses, and many others.

A detailed, in-depth business quantitative analysis is performed in designing a precise model which will be used towards improvements in facility design, productivity, staff planning, scheduling of workforce, logistics, and resource management.

Linear Options has worked in the decision making of such leading industries as Votorantim Metals, Volkswagen in Germany, Varig Airlines in Brazil and Petrobras. Among the achieved system improvements, we can cite the scheduling of messages in Controller area networks. These integrated networks are important in the automotive industry since they control many components of cars including brakes, engine parts, deployment of airbags, etc. Traditionally, these networks could be validated only through the use of costly physical prototypes that would simulate these automobile components. We thus developed a cost saving mathematical model able to perfectly simulate these automobile components without the need for any physical prototypes.

We have also developed a mathematical program focusing on storage and retrieval - a logistic tool that allows items to be stored in the slots of a storage bank for subsequent retrieval by a picking mechanism. The problem of assigning items by type and weight to storage slots in order to minimize the total distance traveled by the picking mechanism immediately reduced the total cost of the manufacturing process. This analysis is highly original and is an important and cost-saving approach to coordinating the decision-making process in distribution and transportation of any supply chain. Another worth to mention project involved the development of an algorithm for the optimal location of management centers, minimizing distances between units under the same administration and taking into account the flow of customers to achieve maximum efficiency.

In Linear Options Consulting we narrow down difficult choices to the best possible results when numerous options and outcomes are present, offering the best case scenario in complex situations after trying out approaches for improvement with the use of Simulation. Statistical methods can also be applied to measure and control risk, find valuable connections and make reliable forecasts.

Linear Options Consulting is composed of an experienced group formed by PhDs in Industrial Engineering and Production Engineering, with an extensive background and International publications released on the field of Optimization. We are conducting research, modeling problems, developing software and offering solutions for several companies and industries worldwide.

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