Linear Motor Stages offer in-position stability of 3 nm.

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Utilizing non-cogging, non-contact, direct-drive technology with no hysteresis or backlash, Series ANT95-L exhibits 5 g acceleration, 500 mm/s velocity, 50 nm repeatability, and 250 nm accuracy. Use of anti-creep cross-roller bearings allows 5 nm incremental moves to be accomplished. With universal mounting and tabletop patterns, stages are suited for high-precision positioning, disk-drive fabrication, fiber alignment, and optical delay element actuation.

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Nanometer Accuracy AND Long Travel Is a Reality with Aerotech's ANT95-L Linear Motor Stage

o Noncontact, non-cogging, frictionless direct-drive - zero backlash or hysteresis

o High resolution (5 nm), repeatability (50 nm), and accuracy (250 nm)

o In-position stability of 3 nm

o Anti-creep cross-roller bearings

o High dynamic performance

o Available in X, XY, XYZ, and many other combinations

Aerotech NanoTranslation (ANT95-L, ANT95-L-H) cross-roller bearing stages combine high speed, accuracy, resolution, repeatability, and reliability into a compact package. As an evolution of the popular ANT stage family, these linear stages exhibit enhanced motion performance such as 5 g acceleration, 500 mm/s velocity, enhanced load capacity, and standardized, universal base mounting patterns that allow the use of this flexible stage family in a wide range of configurations.

Noncontact Direct-Drive

ANT95-L stages utilize advanced direct-drive technology, pioneered by Aerotech, to achieve the highest level of positioning performance with resolution of 5 nm, repeatability of 50 nm, and accuracy of 250 nm. Aerotech direct-drive technology is non-cogging, noncontact, high speed, high resolution, and high accuracy, and the use of anti-creep cross-roller bearings allows ultra-precision (5 nm) incremental moves to be accomplished reliably and repeatably. This unique drive and bearing combination, packaged in an extremely small-profile and footprint, offers tangible advantages in applications such as high-precision positioning, disk-drive fabrication, fiber alignment, optical delay element actuation, sensor testing, and scanning processes that demand smooth and precise motion.

Flexible System Design

The ANT95-L family has universal mounting and tabletop patterns that allow for easy system integration. Two, three, or more axes can be easily combined for flexible system designs and multi-axis configurations.

System Characteristics

Outstanding accuracy, position repeatability, and in-position stability require high system resolution. The ANT95-L industry-leading 5 nm minimum incremental step size provides this high level of performance. Excellent in-position stability assisted by high-quality, anti-creep cross-roller bearings enables virtually maintenance-free operation over the life of the product. Aerotech's direct-drive technology has no hysteresis or backlash, enabling accurate and repeatable nanometer-scale motion.

System Control

To get the most out of your ANT95-L, Aerotech produces award-winning, high performance, single- and multi-axis motion controllers that excel in any application. The Automation 3200, Ensemble, and Soloist controllers are a perfect complement to your high-performance stage.

For further information, please contact Steve McLane at 412-967-6854 (direct), or via e-mail at In addition, the ANT95-L series data sheet is available at

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