Linear Motion Slides feature 303 stainless construction.

Press Release Summary:

Providing linear stroke up to 136 in. and standard repeatability within ±.002 in., SEAL Slides are FDA/USDA compliant and feature FDA/USDA compliant linear bearings with PTFE self lube liners. Teflon® rotary seals prevent material from entering ball screw/journal area. Suitable for caustic washdown, slides have pass through design that minimizes debris collection areas or inclusion points. Polymatrix nut, integral with carriage, has no mechanical components.

Original Press Release:

LM76 Announces Its SEAL Stainless Linear Motion Slide.

ALL Major Components 303 Stainless Construction and Austenitic Stainless Fasteners.

SEAL Slides are FDA/USDA Compliant and feature FDA/USDA Compliant Linear Bearings with PTFE, Self Lube Liners. Unique Special Teflon Rotary Seals Prevent Material from Entering the Ball Screw/Journal Area. SEAL Linear Slides are Proven for Caustic Washdown and feature a Minimized Contamination Collection design. Trap Points Due to "PASS THROUGH DESIGN" minimize debris collection areas or inclusion points. SEAL Linear Slides also feature No Counter-Bore Collection Points. Screw Leads from: .062" - 2.400" or 2.5mm - 50mm Our special Special Polymatrix Nut Integral with Carriage has no mechanical components: balls, races, ect. Thus there is no mechanical failure modes.

Standard Repeatability within ± .002
Linear Stroke: up to 136"
Speeds up to 50" sec + ( average velocity )
Standard Temp Resistance to 300° F
Optional Temp Resistance to 600° F
High Vacuum Environments OK
Stainless Drive Adaption Kits include risers, motor plate and coupling for NEMA 23 or NEMA 34 or I.E.C. 50, 60, 80
Maintenance-Free Self Lubricating System ( speeds past 15" a second please call factory)
Shaft Sizes: 1/2" - 3/4" - 1"

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