Linear Guides are size interchangeable with monorails.

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Mini-Rail(TM) Plane Rail(TM) Linear Guides are self-lubricating and offered in 2 classes. Precision Grade features FrelonGOLD(TM) bearing material and carriage runs on RC70 ceramic-coated aluminum rail. Maximum running clearance is .0005 in. Units are suitable for harsh conditions or where continuous duty cycle is needed. Commercial Grade is made up of clear anodized aluminum rail and carriage with FrelonJ(TM) bearing material. Maximum running clearance is .0025 in.

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Expanded Mini-Plane Rail(TM) Linear Guide Family

Self-Lubricating Drop in Replacements for Low Profile Mono-Rails

Rockford, IL - - - - Pacific Bearing Company is pleased to announce the expansion of the Mini-Rail(TM) Plane Rail(TM) Linear Guide family. A new version that is size interchangeable with industry standard miniature monorails is now available.

Manufactured in the USA by Pacific Bearing, the Mini-Plane Rail is the first miniature monorail in the world to feature the self-lubricating bearing materials Frelon GOLD® and FrelonJ(TM) These unique materials are truly self-lubricating and do not require any external grease or oil for lubrication

The NEW Mini-Plane Rail is available in two classes. The "Precision Grade" features the bearing material FrelonGOLD, and the carriage runs on a RC70 ceramic-coated aluminum rail. Running clearance is a total maximum of .0005". This option is
the ideal choice where the operating conditions are extremely harsh, contamination is severe, continuous duty cycle is needed, or tighter precision must be held.

The "Commercial Grade" is made up of a clear anodized aluminum rail and carriage with the FrelonJ(TM) bearing material. It has a maximum running clearance of .0025" and is best suited to general applications where less precision is required.

The NEW Mini-Plane Rail offers all the benefits of the Simplicity® linear bearings. All metal-to-metal contact is eliminated, dampening shock loads and vibrations. Contamination is wiped clear of the rail, making it the ideal solution for the harshest environments, and it is self-lubricating, which eliminates down time and maintenance.

Pacific Bearing is the rapidly growing manufacturer of the Simplicity® self-lubricating bearings, ceramic-coated Feather Shafting & Rails(TM), revolutionary 2 piece Dolphin Guides(TM), Mini-Rail(TM) Ball Rail® and Plane Rail(TM) Linear Guides, Redi-Rail(TM) linear guides, and Hevi-Rail(TM) heavy duty bearing systems. For more technical or pricing information, contact our Inside Sales or Technical Sales Department at (800) 962-8979 or visit

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