Linear Guide Systems are maintenance free.

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Preassembled DryLin® R HTS Lead Screw table is available in various configurations, combining shaft grades, linear housing units, and lengths. Systems are available with steel, stainless steel, and aluminum hard-anodized shaft material.

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Maintenance-Free DryLin® Linear Bearings in Motion

EAST PROVIDENCE, RI (March 25, 2003)-Since its introduction in 1999, the DryLin® line of linear bearings from igus® inc. has created a great deal of interest. At its inception, DryLin' consisted solely of DryLin® R. The original DryLin® patented design combined an insertable gliding surface, with an anodized aluminum adapter for maximum accessibility and performance.

igus® recognized the wide demand for linear motion solutions and expanded upon the DryLin® R's concept to introduce the DryLin® T linear guide system. The DryLin® T took the DryLin® family one step further by designing and manufacturing the complete sliding system. The DryLin® T has been largely accepted as a cost-effective and maintenance-free alternative to standard linear ball guides. DryLin® T has accomplished accelerations up to 25G, while most linear ball guides can only reach 10G.

igus® values customer feedback as an important tool for continuous improvement. The DryLin® T design with integrated clamp came as a direct result of an avid DryLin® user expressing interest in clamping the carriage in a manually driven application. The unique clamp design will not damage our hard-anodized aluminum rail.

The DryLin® N linear guide is a space-saving and economical alternative to recirculating ball micro slides. Like all DryLin® products, DryLin® N is self-lubricating and operates quietly. The DryLin® N series is available from stock in 4 sizes 17, 27, 40 and 80 mm. Maximum rail lengths from 1960 to 3960 mm are standard and igus® will cut rails to length at no additional charge.

DryLin's multi-faceted design has allowed for its success throughout numerous industries. DryLin has solved many applications in the medical industry because of its exceptionally quiet operation. Resistance to dirt, dust and moisture, as well as maintenance-free operation has earned DryLin applications within the packaging, textile and woodworking industries. DryLin linear bearings and linear guide systems have also proven themselves in many high-acceleration applications.

Now, preassembled linear guide systems are also available. The New DryLin® R HTS Lead Screw table is available in various configurations combining shaft grades, linear housing units and lengths. The DryLin® HTS System is available with a steel, stainless steel and aluminum hard-anodized shaft material.

To find out which DryLin® product can benefit your application, contact igus® inc. PO Box 14349 East Providence, RI 02914. (Phone) 888-803-1895 or 401-438-2200 (Fax) 401-438-7680 (E-mail) Webmaster( (Website) igus® specializes in iglide® self-lubricating bearings, Energy Chain Systems® and Chainflex® high-flex cables.

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