Linear Drive Pump meets liquid chromatography needs.

Press Release Summary:

Intelligent Pump UI-12 is available with 3.2 mm analytical or 9.5 mm semi-prep plunger type. Design, offering minimal pulsation along with optimized suction and discharge system, enables constant flow rate to be maintained and allows reliable intake from containers placed below pump. Within linear drive pump, motor drives plunger directly and does not have any cams or springs. Software control for dual plunger assembly ensures smooth sliding without unbalanced movements.

Original Press Release:

New Pump Featuring Linear Drive Technology

JM Science offers the Intelligent Pump UI-12 to meet your liquid chromatography needs. The Intelligent Pump has ultimate low pulsation as well as an innovative suction and discharge system. This makes it possible to keep a constant flow rate even with trapped air bubbles and allows for reliable intake from containers placed below the pump. Within its linear drive pump, a motor drives the plunger directly and does not have any cams or springs. It also has a dual identical plunger assembly, with each plunger being completely controlled by software. This ensures that the plunger will slide smoothly without making unbalanced movements, while minimizing damage to the seal. It also has extremely low liquid leakage, allows high-viscosity liquids such as diesel, to be used and creates a longer lifetime of the plunger seal. The pump comes in two plunger type varieties: 3.2mm analytical or 9.5mm semi-prep.

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