Linear Amplifier eliminates cogging and torque ripple.

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Providing 700 W continuous and 1,400 W peak power, 3-phase servo amplifier, Model TA320 can be configured to accept 2 sinusoidal commutations separated by 120° with 3rd phase generated by amplifier. It can be set to operate in trapezoidal mode using hall sensor feedback or as 1, 2, or 3 single-phase amplifiers. DTS control allows transconductance to be changed on-the-fly. Other features include forced air cooling, SMB coaxial connectors, and pluggable terminal connectors.

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New,Three Phase Linear Amplifier for Brushless Servos Eliminates Cogging & Torque Ripple!

San Luis Obispo, CA -TheTA320 linear three-phase servo amplifier from Trust Automation, Inc. allows motion system designers to easily integrate the latest developments in sinusoidal motor control and its benefits of zero cogging, no torque ripple, and smooth motion, into applications such as, high resolution inspection systems or metrology instruments. Also, its very low electrical noise makes it ideal for integration in or near systems that have noise sensitive circuitry, such as transducers and sensors, and medical applications. Additionally, the audible noise problems associated with PWM amplifiers are eliminated.

This versatile and powerful 700 W continuous (1400W peak) linear amplifier can be configured to accept two sinusoidal commutations separated by 120 degrees with the third phase generated by the amplifier. The TA320 amplifier can be set up to operate in trapezoidal mode using hall sensor feedback or as one, two, or three single phase amplifiers. The amplifier also features DTS control which allows the transconductance (Amps/input Volts) to be changed on-the-fly. An additional benefit is that high resolution control can be maintained without having to sacrifice power capability.

Integral forced air cooling, a housing designed to protect against operator injury, easily made connections using ribbon connectors, SMB coaxial connectors, and pluggable-terminal connectors, demonstrate Trust Automation's commitment to operator safety and ease of integration.

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