Linear Actuator suits short-medium stroke applications.

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Model LA16-27-000A fully enclosed, linear voice coil actuator assembly comprises 0.157 in. dia by 0.78 in. long output shaft with internal bearings, flexible coil connection circuit, and anti-rotation feature. Non-commutated linear servo-motor features total stroke of 0.24 in., continuous stall force of 3.03 lb, and 10 sec peak force of 13.5 lb. Voice coil technology combined with low friction guidance makes it suitable for proportional valve actuation.

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New Integrated Linear Actuator Provides Convenience, Speed, and Performance

San Marcos, CA - BEI Kimco Magnetics Division introduces its new fully enclosed, linear voice coil actuator assembly with internal bearings to compliment its wide range of linear and rotary actuators, brushless DC motors and controllers for motion control. The Model LA16-27-000A is a non-commutated linear servo-motor with a linear force constant vs. displacement characteristic for simple two wire control.

This new actuator represents a significant technological advance over conventional devices for short-medium stroke applications and provides significant improvements in speed and process throughput in a compact, easy to install and use package.

The voice coil technology, combined with low friction guidance within a compact housing, makes it ideal for proportional valve actuation in medical devices where hysteresis and cog-free operation is required.

Other applications for this model include precision pressure and flow control, medical diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical device control, as as well as semiconductor fabrication. There are also applications in manufacturing, inspection and packaging, the machine tool industry and optical systems.

The assembly comprises a 0.157 in. (4mm) diameter by 0.78 in. (20 mm) long output shaft with internal bearings, flexible coil connection circuit and an anti-rotation feature. The 1.57 in. (40mm) diameter linear actuator assembly features a total stroke of 0.24 in. (6mm), a continuous stall force of 3.03 lb.
(13.5 N) and a 10 sccond peak force of 13.5 lb. (60 N). Electrical time constant is 0.115 milliseconds and mechanical time constant is 2.97 milliseconds.

Other sizes and configurations, including integral sensors, are available on special order.

BEI Kimco Magnetics Division is an operating division of BEI Technologies. Inc. (Nasdaq: BEIQ). BEI is an established manufacturer of electronic sensors and motion control products used for factory and office automation, medical and scientific equipment, military, aviation and space systems, and transportation equipment including automobiles, trucks and off-road equipment. The company's product portfolio includes optical encoders, brushless DC motors, voice coil actuators, potentiometric position sensors, silicon micro-electromechanical (MEMS) devices, rotation rate sensors, pressure transducers, and servo systems. More information can be found at or by emailing

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