Linear Actuator is available with heavy-duty extrusion.

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MACRON 14 series is offered with optional heavy beam extrusion upgrade, designed to add strength and rigidity in extra heavy-duty linear motion applications. Its construction reduces deflection over extended travel lengths and allows actuators to be used in applications with higher moment loads. Specifically, option adds thicker internal structure and additional weight to MACRON 14's beam. Standard MACRON 14 is suitable for high-speed motion up to 400 ips and travel up to 250 ft.

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MACRON 14 Actuator Adds Heavy Extrusion Option

Remains Versatile and Proven 'Work Horse' of Macron's Linear Actuator Product Line

Croydon, PA - Macron Dynamics Inc., a manufacturer of belt driven linear actuators and custom mechanical motion systems, today introduced an optional heavy beam extrusion upgrade for the MACRON 14 series linear actuators. The option is designed to provide additional strength and rigidity in extra heavy duty linear motion applications.

"The optional heavy beam extrusion construction reduces deflection over longer travel lengths," said Craig Marshall, Executive Vice President at Macron Dynamics. "The upgrade allows our already heavy duty MACRON 14 actuators to be used in applications with higher moment loads and in support of heavy loads over greater distances."

The enhanced extrusion adds a thicker internal structure and additional weight to the MACRON 14's beam, making the already capable actuator a fit for demanding industrial motion applications.

"The MACRON 14 actuator has become the workhorse of our belt drives and linear actuator product line," said Marshall. "It provides the greatest versatility in horizontal, vertical or any mounting plane for professional grade, robust industrial linear motion applications."

All MACRON 14 linear actuators adapt well to coupling with other MACRON 14, MACRON 135, and MACRON 6 linear actuators or "Z" variants (vertical actuators) to create custom gantry or Cartesian robotic systems.

"The MACRON 14 is chosen by our engineers to meet client specifications more often than any actuator we manufacturer," said Joe Baird, National Sales Manager at Macron Dynamics. "Whether moving heavy loads, performing high speed motion, integration into clean, dirty or corrosive environments, or multi-axis applications, the MACRON 14 provides the versatility to meet many different specifications."

The MACRON 14 linear actuator is available in three different models, each offering the ability to be fully customized to meet user specifications. The standard MACRON 14 actuator is suitable for heavy loads and high speed motion up to 400 inches per second. The MACRON 14 H is a rugged, heavier duty version of the standard MACRON 14 and features wide belt and pulley assemblies along with a larger, stiffer cart design. The MACRON Z linear actuator offers the same features and is designed for vertical motion applications.

All MACRON 14 actuator designs suit long actuator lengths and travel up to 250 feet (20 feet vertical travel). In addition the MACRON 14's design is the most flexible and adaptable to available options and configurations including wrap around, rotated, and extended carts, stainless steel components, and dual cart independent belt systems.

For additional information, specifications or to request a customized quotation on the MACRON 14 linear actuator, visit or call Macron Dynamics, Inc. at 1-800-MACRON-1 (1-800-622-7661).

About Macron Dynamics, Inc.
Macron Dynamics designs and manufactures linear motion control products and systems creatively engineered to improve productivity and reduce costs in commercial and industrial applications. Macron's products include belt driven linear actuators, linear drives, rail actuators, robotic positioners, gantries, dumbwaiters, screw driven positioning tables, roller conveyors, and extruded aluminum profiles. In addition, Macron specializes in the engineering of custom linear motion systems from basic assemblies to complete robotic automation units.

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