Linear Accelerometer Performs Reliably In Rail Cars and Other Severe Vibration and Shock Environments

Columbia Research Laboratories has successfully installed the Model SA211411 in rail cars to take measurements during the braking process. The SA211411 is an extremely rugged compact premium performance linear accelerometer. This device incorporates Columbia's patented HP torque system, which provides exceptional performance and reliability in severe shock and vibration environments. This accelerometer design has exceptional versatility, allowing for performance and packaging adaptations to optimize cost versus performance ratio.

These high performance linear accelerometers operate at temperatures ranging from - 55°C to +100°C. The units withstand shock of 250G, 5mS and have a vibration survival of 20G ms, 1.0" disp. (2 to 2000 Hz). Customized versions of these sensors are available through factory consultation.

Columbia Research Laboratories, Inc. is ISO9001:2000 with Design & AS9100 certified. For more information call 1-800-813-8471; Fax: 610-872-3882; e-mail: or visit .

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