Line Matrix Printers attach to wide range of systems.

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Models i2s and i24 complement IBM 6400 family of printers. Model i2s single-hammerbank model offers Fast Draft Speed up to 2,000 lpm. Model i24, suited for high-volume report printing, utilizes dual hammerbank shuttle and prints at 6 lpi at up to 2,400 lpm in Fast Draft mode. Both offer intelligent printer ribbon system that can send operator alert through Printer Management Utility when ribbon change is needed. Attachments include Ethernet, ASCII, coax, or twinax.

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Models i2s and i24 Provide Enhanced Print Speed for IBM 6400 Line Matrix Printer Family

At a glance
The IBM 6400 printers attach to a wide spectrum of IBM systems - from IBM mainframes/parallel servers to PCs, and these new models offer versatility and cost-effectiveness:
o Model i2s maintains the print quality and performance characteristics of the existing Models i5P, i05, i1P, i10, and i15, while providing 33% faster print speed than the Model i15
o The Model i24 offers high-speed report printing at 6 LPI
o The IBM Printer Management Utility provides proactive printer monitoring and improved operator control of remote printers
o A large number of attachment options include Ethernet, ASCII, coax, or twinax
o An intelligent ribbon system utilizes the new "clean hands" ribbon and can send operator alert messages through the IBM Print Management Utility when a new ribbon is needed
o Telnet 3270e/5250e provides easy migration of existing coax/twinax SCS applications to Ethernet LANs
o ANSI Emulation for Genicom applications
o An optional Power Stacker
o One- to six-part continuous forms printing
o Optional Black-Back-Forms Sensor

For ordering, contact:
Your IBM representative, an IBM Business Partner, or the Americas Call Centers at 800-IBM-CALL (Reference: YE001).

The IBM 6400 Models i2s and i24 are feature-rich line matrix printers designed to complement the current IBM 6400 family.

The model i2s is a single-hammerbank model with a Fast Draft Speed of up to 2,000 lines-per-minute (LPM). The performance and quality characteristics of the Model i2s are similar to the characteristics of the other single hammerbank IBM 6400 Models - the Models i5P, i05, i1P, i10, and i15.

The model i24 is a special-purpose report printer developed specifically for high volume text report printing. The Model i24 utilizes a dual hammerbank shuttle that has been optimized for peak printing performance when text is printed at the common report line spacing of 6 lines-per-inch (LPI). The hammerbanks are spaced so that each hammerbank prints a complete line when the line spacing is 6 LPI. The i24 is capable of printing up to 2400 LPM in Fast Draft mode and 1800 LPM in Data Processing mode.

Available features on both models include:
o A wide range of attachment options
o An intelligent printer ribbon system that can send an operator alert through the IBM Printer Management Utility (PMU) when a printer ribbon change is needed
o IBM "clean hands" ribbons for the Model i2s and i24.
o Optional Telnet 3270e and Telnet 5250e to allow present Coax/Twinax SCS users to migrate to a network without changing the application
o American National Standards Institute (ANSI) 3.64 Emulation
o An optional Pullout Paper Tray that provides a convenient method to remove printed output from the printer
o Remote management with the IBM Printer Management Utility V3.0 and Ethernet
o IBM Coax/Twinax attachments
o Integrated Ethernet 10/100BaseT Adapter
o Intelligent Graphics Processor (IGP) or Code V for graphics and bar code applications
o A Power stacker to increase paper stacking reliability and control

These new models are extremely versatile, cost-effective printers. They can be attached via Telnet, ASCII, Coax, Twinax, or Ethernet to such diverse hosts as the IBM iSeries(TM), IBM zSeries®, IBM pSeries(TM), S/390®, AS/400®, RS/6000®, IBM PC and Netfinity® servers, IBM-compatible PCs, non-IBM systems supporting the ASCII serial/parallel interface, and LANs.

Key prerequisites
The Ethernet, Coax, Twinax, and ASCII attachment allow 6400s to be used on virtually all IBM, as well as many non-IBM, platforms.

Planned Availability Date
September 5, 2003 for Models i2s and i24.

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