Linde Bulk Oxygen and Oxygenation Systems Solve Water Treatment Issues Cost-Effectively

Murray Hill New Providence, N.J., U.S. – From industrial wastewater to municipal water treatment, bulk oxygen (O2) and oxygenation systems from Linde LLC can cost-effectively address a range of environmental control issues that often peak in summer months.

Oxygenation systems can help control BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) and associated odors, and pure oxygen can boost the efficiency of aeration water treatment systems -- or completely replace them.

When an aeration system is pushed to capacity, plant odors can create community issues, and excess BOD can create compliance issues or result in fees or fines from water treatment authorities. Meat, poultry and other food operations are among those prone to such seasonal issues. At the same time, municipal water treatment plants may need to increase BOD treatment efficiency to respond to seasonal or other spikes from local point discharge.

Linde pure oxygen injection and O2 diffusion systems can boost dissolved oxygen levels much more efficiently than aeration systems, which require energy-intensive compressors. In addition, air is only about 21% oxygen.

Linde supplies bulk liquid O2, and can engineer high-efficiency aerobic water treatment and booster systems to meet emerging or emergency water treatment control needs. Linde SOLVOX® oxygenation offers several different types of oxygen delivery and control systems. Linde engineers help to determine the optimal solution for oxygen injection. For example, oxygen can be injected directly into pipes using customized spargers, diffused into a treatment tank using special oxygen diffusion mats, or injected into a lagoon or treatment pond through high-velocity jets.

Also for water treatment, Linde supplies bulk gases for ozonation (O3) systems which can help control waterborne bacteria and limit the use of chlorine. The company also supplies bulk liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) which can reduce the pH of high alkalinity wastewater without hazardous mineral acids.

Linde supplies bulk industrial gases through a nationwide production and distribution network, including Linde Platinum partners across nearly 200 locations. Linde is a leading bulk O2 producer with more than 30 air separation plants from coast-to-coast, with two new  Linde plants are nearing completion in La Porte, Texas, and Lewisville, Arkansas.  All of these air separation plants produce both liquid O2 and liquid N2 for bulk shipment by tanker truck. Linde typically owns and maintains bulk storage vessels on the customer site, which can be equipped with telemetry systems to provide real-time remote monitoring of inventory levels ensuring product is always available.

Oxygen-fuel, other oxygen-enhanced combustion technologies, and oxidation reactions are important across many process industries, from chemicals and biochemicals to ferrous and non-ferrous metal production and fabrication. In chemical and biotech production, oxygen satisfies a range of oxidation reactions and can reduce cycle times, as well as feed bio fermentation. In steel reheating and annealing processes, Linde REBOX® technologies can increase productivity, improve heating uniformity and product yield, and reduce air emissions including nitrous oxides (NOx). Oxygen also improves metal fabrication processes such as plasma and laser cutting.

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