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LIMS Software features role-specific user interface.

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LIMS Software features role-specific user interface.

Mar 30, 2011 - Qualoupe LIMS software has roles functionality designed to modify Web-based user interface to reflect LIMS capabilities assigned to user's role. System presents only assigned applications when laboratory technician logs into system. All samples, batches, and projects are assigned unique numbers when they are created, and these samples are centrally controlled so they can be logged in across multiple labs and allocated sequential sample numbers for each lab.

Two Fold Software Limited - London, GBR

Original Press Release

Clarity and Flexibility Defines Two Fold Software's Next Generation of LIMS

Press release date: Mar 01, 2011

Two Fold Software Limited, the London-based innovative LIMS developer, is defining the next generation of LIMS solutions with the release of its enhanced Qualoupe LIMS software that features a simple to use intuitive user interface that offers both clarity and flexibility never before seen in the commercial LIMS industry.

To produce a more articulate, simple to use, user interface Two Fold Software has introduced key innovative features that are geared to enriching the user experience when using the Qualoupe LIMS package. The specially optimised software ensures that user interface functions assist users to work simply, clearly and efficiently in the way they wish to work.

A case in point is the way that Qualoupe's roles functionality has been designed to modify the users interface to reflect the LIMS capabilities assigned to the users role.

"In Qualoupe you can define a role for a Lab Technician who only needs access to, say, the sample manager and batch manager modules," explained Paul Bateman, Two Fold Software's Business Development Manager. "This role can be used to quickly assign the rights and privileges to all 'Laboratory Technicians' but because the role definition is linked to the user interface the system presents only the assigned applications when a 'Laboratory Technician' logs into the system, rather than them seeing all the functionality that exists. This greatly simplifies the user experience and prevents distracting the user with unnecessary functions".

"The Qualoupe approach is unlike all other LIMS solutions which traditionally use the roles functionality as a means to assign the rights and privileges of a user. Another popular user interface feature offered by the latest release of Qualoupe allows users to define sequential sample numbering by laboratory, by batch, or by project.

"Many laboratories preferred to work using sequential samples in their pre-LIMS days. Previous generations of LIMS forced laboratories to change to using non-sequential numbering in order to implement a LIMS. Essentially it became a necessary evil as part of the trade-off to achieve performance," explained Bateman. "Now with the next-generation Qualoupe solution it is feasible to ensure that all LIMS samples, batches and projects can be assigned unique numbers when they are created. These numbers are centrally controlled, so in cases where multiple labs exist, the samples can be logged in across the labs and allocated sequential sample numbers for each lab. The same applies when samples are assigned to batches by Qualoupe it is feasible to log sequential sample numbers for the samples in a batch".

The Web-based Qualoupe user customisable interface is principally icon-driven and features uncluttered screens using a Just Enough Information Model (JEIM) that requires minimal mouse clicks to operate.

Qualoupe's user interface has been tailored to revolutionise work flow and remove the complexity of running a LIMS, which then offers the following time and cost saving benefits:
o Less user training is required
o A reduction in the LIMS 'go live' time
o Faster return on investment
o Quicker user acceptance of the LIMS solution.

Two Fold Software offers a 'rental payment option' in addition to the traditional purchase option for its Qualoupe LIMS solution; that offers easier access to the major productivity gains, improved quality management and the reporting flexibility that Qualoupe delivers, by not requiring significant outlay of capital.

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About Two Fold Software
Two Fold Software was founded to deliver affordable business software to worldwide companies of all sizes. Businesses in the small to medium market sector in particular need access to solutions that will enable them to grow through increased efficiencies; historically the barrier for these companies has been the high cost of such software. Two Fold Software's goals are to provide carefully designed, quality software that is fit for purpose, which has a modern highly intuitive configurable user interface, and is fully supported worldwide through a number of regional offices and remote management software.

Qualoupe is a new breed of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) created by Two Fold Software that has been designed and built to adhere to the concept of Two Fold Quality which states that a product should be manufactured to the highest standard and be fit for purpose.

Qualoupe has dramatically reduced the cost of running a LIMS, so that even the smallest company can afford the solution and benefit from productivity and quality improvements.