Lightweight Yoke is suited for non-destructive testing.

Press Release Summary:

Used for magnetic particle inspection, Y-1 AC Yoke will detect surface cracks in ferrous materials. Ergonomic grip, along with 4.56 lb design, reduces arm and wrist fatigue during repeated inspections. Engineered for durability and with strengthened 10 ft power cord, yoke is built with impact- and chemical-resistant shell and has reinforced eyelet for hands-free transporting. Leg capacity across poles is available at 0-11 in. or 0-12 in.

Original Press Release:

Y-1 AC Yoke - a New Light Weight Yoke for Use in Non-Destructive Testing

On July 1, 2009, MAGNAFLUX announces the roll out of the new Y-1 AC Yoke. The Y-1 AC Yoke, used for magnetic particle inspection to detect surface cracks in ferrous materials, will be 37% lighter, will meet all industry specifications, and has an ergonomic grip to reduce arm and wrist fatigue during repeated inspections.

The Y-1 AC Yoke has improved durability and strengthened power cord. Down time is reduced with easy access to the internal components. A reinforced eyelet for hands-free transporting, has been incorporated into the new design.

The Y-1 AC Yoke is available at any authorized Magnaflux distributor nationwide and further information is available on the Magnaflux website at Customer Service is available to answer your questions at 847-657-5300 or send an email to

Magnaflux, a Division of Illinois Tool Works Inc., is the leading worldwide supplier of magnetic particle and liquid dye penetrant inspection materials, accessories and equipment.

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