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As an innovation-driven company, Lightweight Containers keeps developing. At Brau Beviale 2018 the company reveals some of its latest innovations. Additional fittings for KeyKeg and UniKeg, global expanding of their production facilities and a clever tool for the home market are examples of these innovations. 

Non-alcoholic fitting

The UniKeg range of products is already available with Sankey-D and Sankey-S fittings. As innovation is continuous, Lightweight Containers is adding a non-alcoholic fitting to the KeyKeg and UniKeg as well as other fittings for the UniKeg.
Annemieke Hartman (CCO) says: ‘As you are aware, the market demand of lightweight kegs continues to grow. To support the demand of our customers and to grow our global presence, we need to expand. To be effectively able to do so we have just opened and are building state-of-the-art production facilities in Seaham, UK [2018], near Madrid, Spain [2019] and a location yet to be determined in Italy [2019/2020]. Besides that a number of other locations is under consideration in the short term.

To make drinks in keg available for everybody, we have searched for an option to make home use possible. For the keg to be relevant in the home market we needed to reduce the barrier to entry, which practically meant we needed to eliminate complex, expensive dispense systems. After a long wait we are delighted to let you know that we have done it! We can show you our clever tool - ready for delivery now. For this system and more information about developments, come and see us on stand 4A - 311.

The only keg already made of 30% recycled material

KeyKeg & UniKeg are the only kegs that, from the start, are designed with circularity in mind. KeyKeg started to re-use plastics to create their griprings and base cups; made of 100% Post Consumer Recyclate. Today, KeyKegs are collected with the aim to create new KeyKegs. We were already able to make KeyKegs that consist of 81% reused materials before the question of plastic reuse became a major topic. Therefore only 19% of the used KeyKegs will be used for other applications rather than new KeyKegs. Continuous innovation and the design of our products will enable us to deliver Cradle to Cradle kegs, making a real difference for the environment.
Visit us at Brau Beviale 2018, hall 4A, booth 311. We would like to understand your business objectives and see how we can design solutions to effectively support your business. If you are not able to visit us at Brau Beviale, contact us via

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