Lightning Labels Supports UV Safety Month in July

Promote UV Safety throughout July with Custom Labels


No matter the month, skin is in danger from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. However, the U.S. Department of Health Human Services has set aside July as a time when companies and individuals should be especially diligent about raising awareness of the danger posed by exposing skin to the sun without protection. During UV Safety Month, it's time to learn facts that could keep people safe. For instance, some may not know there are diseases besides skin cancer that can result from increased UV exposure, or that artificial tanning beds also emit those dangerous rays.

Custom Labels Boost Awareness

Companies that produce sunscreen and related products have a great opportunity for synergy between their products and the overall aims of UV Safety Month. Custom product labels applied to sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses and other items can remind consumers of the risk of melanoma and other conditions resulting from UV exposure, while also letting buyers know the merchandise in question is designed to protect them. For instance, sunscreen labels promoting UV Safety Month can catch the eyes of shoppers at this time of year, letting them know how urgent it is to use products of this type.

The USDHHS suggests that not only should people apply sunscreen with an SPF value of 15 or higher several times a day, they should wear sunglasses that wrap around the eyes and have a UV blocking rating of 99 or more. Companies that make these types of items have a natural connection to sun protection, and can employ sunscreen stickers or custom labels on sunglasses to make that link explicit. The brands will show their concern about consumer health and pass on the USDHHS and FDA messages concerning sun safety. Lip balm makers can similarly employ custom lip balm labels to remind buyers to keep all parts of their skin safe this year and in the future.

Providing For Brands' Labeling Needs

Lightning Labels is proud to support UV Safety Month, and can act as a partner to brands that want to raise awareness of the need to defend skin against the sun. Watching out for harmful rays is a year-round task, but brands have a great chance to be especially proactive about it in July. The month is already underway, but this is where Lightning Labels can really help companies, living up to its name and providing quick turnaround times. Custom labels that support both the branding of individual companies and the message of UV Safety Month can be just a click away.

"We at Lightning Labels support UV Safety Month and hope this year's event helps people stay safe in the sun," said Lightning Labels Director of Business Development AnneMarie Campbell. "Brands using custom labels on their products have a great chance to improve awareness and protect their valued customers."

Whether the product in question is lip balm, sunscreen, sunglasses or another related item, there are several types of items that perfectly fit with the mission of UV Safety Month. Business leaders simply need to make the connection clear.

About Lightning Labels:

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