Light-to-Voltage Converters simplify board design.

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TSL12, TSL13, and TSL14 integrate photodiode, transimpedance amplifier, and gain-setting resistors, while providing analog-output voltage proportional to light intensity. Devices operate in 3-5 V range, have spectral sensitivity range of 350-1050 nm, and require supply current of only 1.1 mA, typical. Operating temperature is -25 to +85°C. Rise time for TSL12, TSL13, and TSL14 is 20, 8, and 3 µsec, respectively.

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TAOS, Inc. Introduces Light-to-Voltage Converters That Provide Integrated Optoelectronic Solution Benefits at a Discrete Solution Price

Three New Light-to-Voltage Converters Offer Design Flexibility for Cost Sensitive Light Sensing Applications June 7, 2004 (Plano, TX) -- Designers can now realize the benefits of an integrated optoelectronic solution -- lower noise, increased reliability, reduced board space, reduced design complexity and cycle time and reduced inventory -- at the price points for a discrete solution. This is made possible with the introduction of three new light-to-voltage converters from Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions®, Inc. (TAOS). These latest TAOS light sensing solutions are well suited for the diverse applications in which a photodiode and transimpedance amplifier pair are typically used. They can perform effectively in both portable and non-portable applications such as lighting controls and electronic dimming ballasts, contrast and brightness controls in signs, media detection in printers and medical applications such as low-cost reagent strip readers. "The TSL12, TSL13 and TSL14 Light-to-Voltage Converters are an important addition to the TAOS product portfolio because key high-volume end equipment markets are enthusiastically embracing optoelectronic technology," said Ray King, TAOS, Inc. market specialist. "Nevertheless, a significant percentage of designers has continued to choose discrete photodiode and transimpedance amplifier solutions because their end products compete in very price-sensitive markets. Thanks to Lumenology® -- the TAOS light sensing technology -- designers can now incorporate all the benefits of an integrated optoelectronic solution into their end products at discrete solution price points." Like other TAOS light-to-voltage converters, the TSL12, TSL13 and TSL14 Light-to-Voltage Converters provide an analog output voltage proportional to light intensity. They also have been designed to cost-effectively optimize the performance tradeoffs between sensitivity, noise and speed. A typical discrete optoelectronic solution usually consists of a photodiode, a transimpedance amplifier and gain setting resistors. The TSL12, TSL13 and TSL14 Light-to-Voltage Converters integrate all these components on a single die minimizing noise and saving board space. Each of the three light-to-voltage converters is designed to meet the low, middle and high range responsivity and rise time performance parameters depending upon whether high sensitivity or high speed is more important for the application. The three devices are designed to provide a different tradeoff between responsivity (sensitivity to light) and rise time (speed) as outlined below:

Responsivity Rise Time [millivolts per (microwatt (microseconds) per square centimeter)] TSL12 248 20 TSL13 64 8 TSL14 16 3

The devices operate in the 3-volt to 5-volt range and have a spectral sensitivity range of 350 nanometers to 1050 nanometers. The devices require a low supply current of 1.1 milliamp typical and will operate over a temperature range of minus 25 degrees C to 85 degrees C. The TSL12, TSL13 and TSL14 Light-to-Voltage Converters are available now from TAOS, Inc. and its authorized distributors in a 3-pin Side Looker (S) package. In 1,000-piece quantities, the TSL12, TSL13 and TSL14 Light-to-Voltage Converters have a suggested resale price of $0.59. The TSL12 and the TSL13 also will be released in a 4-pin TMB (T) surface mount package in the third quarter of 2004. About TAOS, Inc. (Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions) Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions (TAOS), Inc. is based in Plano, Texas. Established in 1998, the company develops, manufacturers and markets leadership integrated optoelectronic products. These devices combine precision mixed-signal functionality and photo-detectors on the same integrated circuit to produce advanced products with performance and cost advantages over conventional solutions. TAOS optoelectronic products include: · Light-to-Voltage Converters (TSL12,13,14, TSL250R, TSL251R, TSL252R, TSL253R, TSL254, TSL257, TSL260R, TSL261R, TSL262R, TSL267) · Light-to-Frequency Converters (TSL230R, TSL235R, TSL237, TSL245) · Color Sensors (TCS230, TSLR257, TSLG257, TSLB257) · Ambient Light Sensors (TSL2550) · Color Reflective Sensors (TRS1722, TRS1755, TRS1766) · CMOS Linear Sensor Arrays (TSL201R, TSLW201R, TSL202R, TSL208R, TSL210, TSL1301, TSL1401R, TSL1401CS, TSLW1401R, TSL1402R, TSL1406R, TSL1410R, TSL1412, TSL2014, TSL3301) · Custom and Semi-custom Optoelectronic Devices and Assemblies More information can be found at or by phone at 972-673-0759. Trademarks Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions and Lumenology are registered trademarks of Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions, Inc. (TAOS) of Plano, TX.

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