Light Source Power Supply supports scientific applications.

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With 250 W output, Model 718 powers tungsten-halogen, ceramic, and glow-bar infrared light sources. Unit's performance of less than 0.05% ripple to source in use is based on high-stability transistor series pass regulators with additional control circuitry. Operated from front panel controls or remotely via 0-6 V analog input, Model 718 is suited for spectroscopy, photometry, and other metrological applications.

Original Press Release:

Scientific Lamp Power Supply

Reliable, Efficient, Regulated light source Power Supply for Precision Applications in Spectroscopy, Photometry and other Metrological Applications.

McPherson Inc., a manufacturer of instruments and optical systems for spectroscopy, announced today the release of the highly regulated, universal light source power supply Model 718. Supporting scientific and industrial applications, it powers tungsten-halogen, ceramic and glow-bar infrared light sources; while being flexible and extremely stable.

Output power rated at 250 Watts maximum. Its exceptional performance of <0.05% ripple to the source in use is based on high stability transistor series pass regulators with additional control circuitry.

The power supply can be operated from the front panel controls, or remotely, via 0-6V analog input. A front panel Local/Remote switch allows users to select the mode of operation. Separate connectors on rear of unit are for lamp housing Fan, Light Source connection (plus Interlock,) and analog Remote input.

McPherson, Inc. (Chelmsford, MA USA) manufactures a variety of instruments that measure and tune specific wavelengths of light for many disciplines of spectroscopy. The company is proud of its more than fifty-year history, and ongoing role in building and delivering research instrumentation to domestic and international universities and research laboratories.

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