Light Source is alternative to neon lighting.

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With operating life of 100,000 hr, Light Stix provides low-maintenance alternative to incandescent and neon lighting sources with high-brightness LEDs in plastic tube. Typical tube with 36 LED chips produces light intensity level >400 cd/m² with 60° viewing angle while utilizing 3 W at 24 Vdc. Colored enclosure measures 23.6 x 1.35 in., has one flat side, and built-in mounting brackets. Units can be mated together to create any length.

Original Press Release:

Sunbrite's New Light Stix Introduced as Low-Maintenance Alternative to Neon and Incandescent Lighting

PALATINE, IL--The Sunbrite Group of Lumex, Inc. is announcing new Light Stix, a colorful solid-state lighting source for signage, decorative lighting, and architectural lighting. Designed to provide a low-maintenance alternative to incandescent and neon lighting sources, Light Stix combine high-brightness LEDs with a durable, easy-to-mount plastic tube. The result is an extremely reliable, ultra low power consumption lighting source that requires virtually zero maintenance.

Sunbrite Light Stix use LEDs with state-of-the-art die chemistries, to provide high brightness levels, a wide viewing angle, and low heat generation. A typical Light Stix tube uses 36
LED chips, and produces a total light intensity level greater than 400 cd/m² with a viewing angle of 60°. Despite this high degree of brightness, power consumption for this standard configuration is 3 watts at 24VDC.

Typical operating life of the LEDs is 100,000-plus hours--equivalent to 11.4 years of 24-hour-per-day, 365-day-per-year operation. By contrast, incandescent lamps typically have operating lives of 2500 hours or less--approximately 3.5 months of continuous operation--making routine replacement/maintenance mandatory.

Compared to neon, Light Stix offer further benefits. Light Stix are housed in resilient plastic enclosures; neon displays are made of fragile glass. Light Stix operate from low-voltage DC power; neon requires a bulky--and potentially dangerous--high-voltage power supply.

Sunbrite Light Stix are housed in a special plastic tube enclosure measuring 23.6 inches (600mm) long, by 1.35 inches (34.3mm) in diameter. These tubes have been designed specifically for ease of mounting, with one flat side and built-in mounting brackets. Units can be mated together to create an illuminated strip of virtually any length. Tube enclosure color choices include red, yellow, green, blue, and white.

Production quantities of Sunbrite Light Stix are available in 6 weeks. Pricing starts at $50 each, depending on color specified, quantity ordered, and options requested.

For more information on Light Stix, or any Sunbrite product, visit, or in North America contact, Sunbrite Group, 286 E. Helen Rd., Palatine, IL 60067 USA. Phone: 1-800-278-5666, extension 525. FAX: 1-847-359-2867. E-mail: World Wide Web:

The Sunbrite Group's parent company, Lumex Inc., is a leading designer, distributor and manufacturer of opto- and photo-electronic components, devices and displays. These products are
used mostly in the man-to-machine interface, and in some cases, for the detection of motion, short-range signaling, and fiber communication. Lumex now offers over 8,000 items, with an
emphasis on custom and application-specific parts for the North American and European markets.

The company is headquartered in Palatine, Illinois and Chudung Hsinchu, Hsien, Taiwan ROC, with manufacturing facilities in Illinois, Taiwan and China, and distributors throughout
North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim. Since its inception in 1980, Lumex was established as a global organization offering application-specific solutions--but with the manufacturing efficiencies normally associated only with volume operations. Lumex received its initial ISO 9001 registration in 1996.

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