Light Guides illuminate embedded logo graphics.

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MicroLens(TM) molded light guides provide backlight that saves extra step of adding overlay and adhesive to illuminate logo on products. They enable full control of size, shape, depth, pitch, density, and angle of rotation. Utilizing white, green, red, or blue LEDs, uniformly illuminated logos can be designed with any text or image for applications including notebook computers, consumer electronics, appliances, and automotive dashboards and exteriors.

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GLT Offers In-The-Backlight Logo Capability for OEMs Using Microlens(TM) Molded Light Guides

Brecksville, OH, May 24, 2004 - MicroLens(TM) molded light guides with embedded logo graphics from Global Lighting Technologies (GLT), Inc., provide a backlight that saves OEMs the extra step of adding an overlay and adhesive to illuminate the logo on their products. Uniformly illuminated logos can be designed with virtually any text or image for applications including computer towers, notebook computers, consumer electronics, appliances, automotive dashboards and exteriors, and many others.

"This embedded logo capability is an example of versatility of MicroLens(TM) technology in terms of being able to put light just where we want it, said David DeAgazio, GLT's Director of Sales Worldwide. "These light guides are a great way to enhance brand awareness for the OEM. For example, you can use them to illuminate the logo on the outside of a refrigerator, or on the inside and outside of a car. They're also an excellent solution for illuminating the latest non-mechanical electric field switches for use in touch-sensitive user interface panels."

MicroLens(TM) molded light guide LCD backlighting technology from Global Lighting Technologies (GLT), Inc. enables mechanical holding features to be designed into the backlight. The MicroLens(TM) pixel-based light extraction technology provides all the manufacturing efficiencies of other LED-based molded light extraction techniques.

However, unlike other technologies - such as chemical or laser etch and V-groove - MicroLens(TM) enables full control of six key parameters: size, shape, depth, pitch, density and angle of rotation. The result is maximum performance, flexibility in LED placement, simplified design, lower manufacturing costs, and significantly reduced power consumption for longer battery life. These light guides utilize white, green, red, or blue LEDs, and can actually reduce the number of LEDs required for the backlight in many instances.

Used to backlight everything from 3G cell phone LCDs displays to mid-size and larger LCDs (to 15" diagonal), MicroLens(TM) molded light guides can offer the OEM the additional benefit of being supplied with the logo already contained in the backlight. This could range from a small backlit panel for the logo on the outside of a notebook computer to placing the logo in the corner of a larger backlight illuminating a mid-size to large LCD that displays more information.

Pricing for the logo-in-the-backlight MicroLens(TM) molded light guide ranges from $0.20 to $0.50 each (without LED) and from $0.50 to $1.25 (with LED) in OEM quantities. (Pricing can vary with LED color and volume.)

For more information, contact Global Lighting Technologies, Inc., 55 Andrews Circle, Brecksville, OH 44141. Tel: 440-922-4584; Toll-Free: 866-922-4584. Fax: 440-922-4585. E-mail:; Web:

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