Light Fab Announces Addition of 3M's (RED) Renewable Energy Division Products

Light Fabrications, Rochester, NY is proud to announce they are now an authorized distributor and converter for 3M's New (RED) Renewable Energy Division. The products that are now available to industry include: Solar Acrylic Foam Tapes, Charge Collection, Dielectric Tapes, Cosmetic/Bundling Tapes, Label Materials, Sealants, Adhesives and more.

3M Solar Acrylic Foam is similar to 3M VHB products. The product is grey in color and range from 25 to 120 mil thick. The acrylic foam core has unique viscoelastic properties that allow it to elongate and relax when put under load, minimizing stress on the adhesive bond line. Solar Acrylic Foam Tape is ideal for bonding substrates together that are mismatched in their thermal expansion coeffcient (CTE).

Standard case goods are available however, Light Fabrications supplies these products and more laminated, laser cut and slit to customers' exact specifications.For more information about Renewable Energy Division products or the many innovative converted products Light Fab offers visit or contact Jamie Cucinelli, Sales Manager, ph. 585-697-1240 .

Light Fabrications Inc. is a specialty converting and distribution company serving the electronics, photovoltaic, renewable energy, medical industry and others. Light Fab has provided innovative material solutions and value-added precision fabricated components and materials for over 30 years.

Company Information: Name: Light Fabrications Inc. Address: 40 Hytec Circle City: Rochester State: NY ZIP: 14606 Phone: 585-426-5330

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