Lift Truck Tracker indicates position in any environment.

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Able to determine position within inches, Sky-Trax(TM) Local Positioning System automatically tracks movement of lift trucks inside warehouses in real time and transmits information to managers, operators, and WMS computers. System is based on optical components immune to radio interference and unaffected by building steel or concrete. Features include Sky-MarX(TM) Position Reference System and optional touch-screen terminal.

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Sky-Trax Inc. Launches Innovative Lift Truck Tracking Product

Sky-Trax(TM) Local Positioning System Tracks Lift Trucks In Real Time; Automatically Provides Accurate Location Information to Managers and WMS Computers

New Castle, DE, January 3, 2005. Sky-Trax Incorporated (STI) has unveiled a new product that tracks the movement of lift trucks inside warehouses, collecting each vehicle's location automatically in real time and transmitting it to managers, operators and computerized systems. The product, which can determine vehicle location to an accuracy of a few inches even over large open areas, transmits location data to the user's WMS computer when a parcel is picked or put away. Sky-Trax(TM) Local Positioning System (LPS) is compatible with and complimentary to existing bar code and RFID systems, and will readily integrate with legacy or commercial business systems already installed in the user's facilities.

Sky-Trax(TM) LPS provides position information similar to a Global Positioning System receiver, but it works reliably indoors. According to David Emanuel, VP of Technology, Sky-Trax technology is based on optical components instead of radio wave technology so the system is immune to radio interference and not affected by building steel or concrete. As a result, Sky-Trax(TM) LPS can be deployed in facilities such as factories and warehouses, where radio-based navigation systems would be unreliable. Emanuel says the product solves a long-standing industry problem for tracking the location of materials and resources in open warehouses and unstructured bulk storage areas.

At the heart of Sky-Trax(TM) LPS is a small sensor package that mounts on the lift truck and contains imaging and computing components which calculate vehicle position and directional heading. Sky-Trax LPS incorporates the patent-pending Sky-MarX(TM) Position Reference System (PRS), a product announced earlier by STI. Suspended above the operating area, Sky-MarX(TM) PRS is a sturdy but lightweight net to which optical position markers are attached. A standard WIFI radio link transmits data between the lift truck and the user's host computer, WMS, inventory management, or data collection system. An optional touch-screen terminal can be installed with the LPS to show the lift truck location on a map and indicate the direction and distance to the next pick or place assignment. Several display options are offered to suit application requirements, ergonomic preferences and management needs. STI can also provide software to install, operate, and integrate the LPS product with business systems.

Larry Mahan, General Manager - Marketing, says Sky-Trax(TM) LPS will deliver a quick return on investment in many warehouses by helping to reduce shipping errors, eliminate misplaced inventory, verify pick and drop locations even in open bulk storage areas, and reduce operator workload. Where storage density is crucial, the system enables facility managers to increase storage density and gain better space utilization without losing visibility and knowledge of pallet locations.

Sky-Trax(TM) LPS will be sold through qualified VARs, systems integrators, and direct channels. Initially, the company will work with beta customers to validate Sky-Trax(TM) LPS installations. Sky-Trax Inc. can support a limited number of additional LPS beta sites in 2005; interested parties should contact Larry Mahan at (302) 395-9541.

About Sky-Trax, Incorporated

Sky-Trax Incorporated (STI) develops and manufactures solutions for tracking the location of materials and equipment. The company's goal is to solve the most stubborn and persistent problem in warehousing and materials tracking - how to enable materials managers to know exactly where goods and mobile equipment are at any time - even when there is no convenient way to identify and label locations, such as bulk storage areas, loading docks, and staging areas. This mission is captured in STI's tagline "Taking the 'WHERE?' out of the warehouse."

Sky-Trax Inc. has general offices, a demonstration warehouse facility, and production space at the Airport Industrial Center in New Castle, Delaware, and distributes Sky-Trax(TM) products through qualified VARs, systems integrators, and direct channels. The company can be contacted at (302) 395-9540 or on-line at

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