Lift Tables safely and ergonomically move heavy loads.

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Combining Aero-Caster positioning with scissor lift table's vertical adjustability, Scissor Lift Tables provide continual, omnidirectional movement during assembly or repair projects. Aero-Caster is positioned beneath deck of lift table, and shop air is used to float lift table on nearly frictionless cushion of air. When air source is turned off or disconnected, lift table rests on landing pads. Tables with Aero-Caster platform feature pushing force of 3.0-5.0 lb/1,000 lb of load.

Original Press Release:

Ergonomically Lift and Position Heavy Loads with an Aero-Lift Table

Move your heavy loads safely and ergonomically on an AeroGo Lift Table. AeroGo's scissor lift tables combine Aero-Caster positioning precision with a scissor lift table's vertical adjustability... Offering your operators continual movement during
their assembly or repair projects.

These ergonomic portable lift tables can be supported by any air bearing/air caster AeroGo product, with or without handles (e.g. Aero-Pallet, Aero-Plank, Load Modules). An Aero-Caster product is positioned beneath the deck of each scissor lift table and with the use of standard shop air, the lift tables are floated on a nearly frictionless
cushion of air, allowing for easy, omnidirectional movement for heavy loads. Facilitated load movement and positioning make these mobile lift tables ideal for moving heavy loads repeatedly within in tight spaces and work cells.

Ergonomic Efficiency
When you need to easily move your lift table or your load in and out of the assembly station area, an AeroGo lift table offers omnidirectional, low friction moves, unlike wheels and casters. When the air source is turned off or disconnected the lift
table, rests solidly on landing pads preventing drift or the need for a braking/locking system.

Utilize AeroGo's 35+ years of engineering experience to custom design the proper lift table for your application.

Some of the inherent advantages of Aero-Caster platform equipped tables, as compared to portability and transport wheel sets are:
o Precision locating and repeatable positioning and alignment
o Easy manual removal and insertion into conveyors and machines
o Pushing force of 3.0 to 5.0 lbs/1 to 2 kg per 1,000 lbs/454kg of load, on a smooth and level surface
o Low unit stress floor loading, will not damage sensitive-floor surfaces
o Inherently explosion proof
o Aero-Caster operation inherently cushions the load during operation, and can be used as vibration isolation in some applications.
o Low overall or collapsed height

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