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Lifecycle Management Solution suits VoIP service providers.

Press Release Summary:

Developed to meet scalability and deployment needs of VoIP service providers targeting SMEs, PacketSmart(TM) VoIP Lifecycle Management solution eliminates need for truck rolls and on-site technician time. Its purpose-built micro-appliances work with scalable SaaS platform, PacketSmart, hosted at Tier-1 data center. Once deployed within SME network, micro-appliances allow remote multi-day VoIP network assessment and remain to monitor and report detailed metrics on all VoIP calls.

Original Press Release:

Packet Island Inc. Announces Zero-Truck Roll VoIP Lifecycle Management Solution for VoIP Service Providers

Santa Clara, California - Packet Island Inc., a venture-funded company based in Santa Clara, California, today announced general availability of its PacketSmart(TM) VoIP Lifecycle Management solution for VoIP service providers.

Packet Island's solution has been designed and developed to meet the scalability and ease of deployment needs of VoIP service providers targeting the SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) market. The economics of the SME VoIP market is such that VoIP Service Providers cannot afford to spend a lot of money on expert field technicians to pre-assess networks and plan deployments. Furthermore, in the post-deployment scenario, when call setup or call quality problems occur, doing truck rolls to the SME site is highly impractical since it destroys profitability. However, according to the leading VoIP providers in the industry today, on-site technician time still continues to be the biggest cost item after the cost of on-site equipment.

Packet Island's VoIP lifecycle management solution has been designed to eliminate the need for truck rolls and expensive on-site technician time. The solution is based on purpose-built micro-appliances that work with a highly scalable SaaS platform called PacketSmart, hosted at a Tier-1 data center. The 4"x4" micro-appliances have two Ethernet ports that allow them to be deployed in a variety of simple configurations to accommodate the vast heterogeneity of SME networks in existence today. Once a micro-appliance is deployed within an SME network, VoIP experts at the VoIP service provider's head office can remotely perform a comprehensive multi-day VoIP network assessment on the SME network without requiring any expert technicians to be onsite. After the pre-assessment, the micro-appliance is left connected to monitor and report detailed metrics on all VoIP calls in that SME network. This way when transient network issues cause VoIP service quality degradation, the service provider can go back and look at the recorded data to determine the root cause of the problem.

Packet Island has had several successful deployments with its award-winning VoIP monitoring solution. With the release of this more comprehensive VoIP lifecycle management solution, Packet Island is removing the key roadblocks that has slowed down VoIP service providers in penetrating the SME VoIP market. Warren Lee, President of NeoNova, one of Packet Island's early customers, is very emphatic when he talks about the Packet Island solution. In Warren's words, "One of the big challenges with SME VoIP deployments is the pre-qualification and ongoing management. We find Packet Island's VoIP lifecycle management solution to be indispensable in servicing the SME market".

Another leading VoIP service provider that has been a customer of Packet Island is Pandora Networks. James Walker, Pandora's Vice President of Professional Services and Support, has this to say, "The Packet Island solution has made an immeasurable difference to our sales and support capabilities. We now have complete control over all our SME VoIP deployments, enabling us to deliver top notch service without expensive truck rolls."

Praveen Kumar, Co-Founder and President of Packet Island, says "At Packet Island, we believe very strongly in the future of the IP Centrex market. It is now clear that SMEs are embracing IP Centrex not just because of long distance cost savings, but also because of the increased employee productivity resulting from the mobility features of VoIP. However, one of the big challenges facing the pioneers servicing this market is that of ensuring carrier-grade service quality as they deliver VoIP over a variety of networks they don't have control over. This is where Packet Island comes in with the industry's first zero truck roll VoIP lifecycle management solution that is simple to deploy, sensibly priced, and massively scalable to handle the growth needs of this huge market".

About Packet Island Inc.:

Founded in 2004, Packet Island Inc. is a venture-backed company located in Silicon Valley. Since its founding, Packet Island has pioneered the development of award-winning SaaS-based solutions for the SME managed IT infrastructure services market. More information can be found at

Contact Information:

Packet Island Inc.
2332-B Walsh Ave,
Santa Clara, CA 95051, USA.
Phone: (408) 625-3777

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