Li-Ion Battery Charger IC can achieve 80% capacity in 30 min.

Press Release Summary:

Combining narrow-voltage DC/DC power path management with TI's MaxCharge technology, Model bq25892 supports input voltages up to 14 V while delivering charge current up to 5 A. Switch-mode charger provides up to 91% efficiency at 9 Vin 3.5 A with only 18°C temperature rise. Housed in 4 x 4 mm, 24-pin QFN package, I2C-controlled device offers peak 9 A supplement current for instant system-power burst and is designed to work in single-cell portable devices with TI battery fuel gauges.

Original Press Release:

TI MaxCharge(TM) Technology Cuts Battery-charge Time By 60 Percent

Industry's first single-cell Li-ion 5-A battery-charger IC can achieve 80 percent capacity in 30 minutes

DALLAS -- Enabling faster and cooler charging, Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) today introduced the industry's first fully integrated 5-A single-cell lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery-charger circuit with proprietary MaxCharge technology that reduces charge time up to 60 percent compared to existing battery chargers. The bq25892 switch-mode charger gives users a safer charging experience while still maximizing the benefits of a faster charge time, currently unseen in the industry. MaxCharge technology provides faster charge times and cooler charging to improve user experience and extend the overall life of electronics in many Li-ion applications, including smartphones, tablets, drones, power banks, and industrial and medical equipment.

The highly efficient charger, which charges at 3.5A with minimal 18(o)C temperature rise, facilitates faster and cooler charging by combining narrow-voltage DC/DC power path management with TI's MaxCharge technology to support input voltages up to 14V while providing charge current up to 5A.

Features and benefits:

--  Fastest charging by supporting high-input voltages: The industry's first single-cell Li-ion battery charger to support 5A of current and input voltages up to 14V.

--  Highest efficiency: Provides up to 91 percent charging efficiency at 9Vin 3.5A with only an 18(o)C temperature rise.

--  Safer charging: Designers reduce excess heat by controlling the integrated circuit temperature and optimize thermal performance with a thermal-regulation loop.

--  High battery supplement current: The charger can provide peak 9A supplement current for an instant system-power burst.

--  Simple design integration: Pin-to-pin compatibility with TI's bq24192 product family.

This fast-charging battery charger is designed to work in single-cell portable devices with TI battery fuel gauges. For example, pair a TI MaxCharge technology device with TI MaxLife(TM) battery fuel gauge technology to ensure longer battery life and safer charging of portable electronics.

Tools and support

The I(2)C-controlled 1S, 5-A fast charger is featured in a new TI Designs reference design, TIDA-00538, utilizing MaxCharge technology for high input voltage and adjustable USB OTG boost, which enables turn-key access to reduce battery-charging time and improve battery run time during the discharging phase.

Availability and pricing

The bq25892 charger is shipping in volume production and available through the TI Store and the company's authorized distribution network. The products come in a 4-mm by 4-mm, 24-pin quad flat no-lead (QFN) package. The bq25890 and bq25892, for smartphones and tablets, is priced at US$2.50 in 1,000-unit quantities. In addition, TI introduced its new bq25895, which supports power banks and is priced at US$2.00.

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