Leviton Announces Residential Charging Stations for Electric Vehicle Market

Leviton introduces Evr-Green(TM) line of electric vehicle supply equipment

Melville, New York - Leviton announced, today, its entry into the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) market with a full portfolio of residential charging products. The Leviton Evr-Green(TM) line of EVSEs includes Level 1 and Level 2 residential charging stations. The product line will debut at the Plug-In 2010 Conference and Exposition in San Jose, California on July 26-29, 2010 in Leviton booth #310.

Leviton has developed an industry-first plug-in prewire system for the Level 2 EVSEs. This enables consumers to make their home "plug-in ready" for electric vehicle (EV) charging prior to purchasing an EV. The inexpensive Level 2 installation kit provides increased value through reduced installation time, lower installation cost and flexibility for upgradeability. The Leviton kit can be installed into new or existing construction. After the system is installed by one of Leviton's certified installers, the consumer can add a Level 2 charging station without any tools. It provides for simple do-it-yourself "plug and play" installation of the charging station at the customer's convenience. The kit system also enables consumers to take their EVSE with them in case they move. These products are backed by a turn-key nationwide customer service network to provide assessment, installation and support.

According to Mike Mattei, vice president and general manager for Leviton's Commercial and Industrial Division, "As part of Leviton's commitment to creating a sustainable future, we now offer a complete solution to EV charging. Leviton provides the charging stations as well as installation by certified contractors and extensive customer service. Evr-Greenchargers comply with all industry standards, are backed by the industry's only ten-year warranty, and are compatible with all the major EV manufacturers."

The Evr-Green Level 1 portable cord set empowers consumers to charge their EV anywhere a standard outlet is available. Leviton also has developed a unique receptacle for EV owners to plug in their Level 1 cord set. In addition, Leviton's Level 2 residential charging stations range from 16 Amp to 32 Amp charging levels. Both Level 1 and 2 EVSEs have SAE J1772(TM) connectors that are compatible with all North American plug in vehicles. Leviton will also provide a wide range of "smart" options and features for their residential products.

About Leviton
Leviton Manufacturing Company is the largest privately held global provider of electrical wiring devices, data center connectivity solutions and lighting energy management systems. Founded at the turn of the 20th century in America, Leviton has grown to become one of the preeminent leaders in the electrical industry. Today Leviton's product portfolio consists of over 25,000 devices and systems used in homes, businesses and industry. Proven to be a smart choice, nine out of ten homes throughout North America have Leviton products installed in them. Builders, electrical contractors and other industry professionals rank Leviton products #1 in brand preference. To request more information about Leviton's Evr-Green portfolio, please visit www.evrgreeninfo.com. For more information, contact Leviton Manufacturing, 201 North Service Rd., Melville, NY, 11747, www.leviton.com

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